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The Windows Store, e-Books, Google Wallet, and More

The Windows Store gets ready to open its doors, the US Department of Justice probes anti-competitive behavior in the pricing of e-books, Verizon delays Google Wallet availability and the Android Market passes 10 billion downloads.

Facebook's IPO Plans, HP to Stop Making PCs, and Windows 8 Tablets Less Coveted

Facebook eyes an IPO, HP plans to give up its spot as top PC producer, far fewer are yearning for Windows 8 tablets, and more.

Flying Fingers Solve Hundreds of Rubik's Cubes

Students solved hundreds of Rubik's cubes in near record times at Boston's Museum of Science.

Zynga Releases Mesh Animation Mobile Game, "Dream Zoo"

Zynga Games has released a new mobile game, Dream Zoo, in time for the holidays.


Holiday Gift Guide: Tablets, e-Readers, and Gaming

World Tech Update this week features a special holiday gift guide that take a looks at tablets, e-readers, gaming and more.


Nook Secrets, Google Music, and a Modified Galaxy Tab for Germany

The Nook Tablet has a secret, Google Music graduates from beta, Samsung plans a modified Galaxy Tab for Germany, developers speed date with potential employers, and more.

The New Nook, an Autonomous Asimo, and the EU Hackathon

On World Tech Update this week: Barnes & Noble launches its Nook Tablet, Adobe abandons mobile Flash, Microsoft heralds the launch of Windows Phone 7.5, and more.


Microsoft Builds Giant Windows Phone 7.5 Smartphone

Microsoft installed a gigantic Windows Phone in New York’s Herald Square Monday to mark the debut of Windows Phone 7.5 devices on store shelves.

Assange Loses Appeal, HTC is Tops, and Amazon's Free Books

In World Tech Update this week: Wikileaks' Assange loses his appeal, Amazon offers free books, HTC ranks as the top smartphone vendor, and more.


IBM Watson Beats Harvard and MIT Students in 'Jeopardy!'

IBM’s Watson may not be eligible for cash prizes, but the trivia-savvy computer has beaten a trio of Harvard Business School contestants in a mock 'Jeopardy' competition.

China's Newest Supercomputer Uses Homegrown Chips

China has built its first supercomputer based entirely on homegrown microprocessors, a major step in breaking the country's reliance on Western technology for...

iPad-Controlled Roving Robot Spies on Friends

The Rover App-Controlled Spy Tank is a new addition to Brookstone's line up of WiFi-controlled toys.

Nokia's Mango Phones, Amazon Ups Fire Production, and More

Nokia launches two Windows Phones, Sony buys Sony Ericsson, Amazon boosts Kindle Fire production, and more.

PlayStation Vita News, iPhone 4S, and the Donald Goes Digital

In World Tech Update this week: Apple's iPhone 4S goes global, the PlayStation Vita gets a launch date, Donald Trump digitally signs an e-book, and more.


A Conversation With Siri

Macworld's Jason Snell talks with the iPhone 4S's new Siri technology.