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The Byte: Microsoft Hacked, Apple Wants Inspections, White House CTO Resigns

Microsoft's online store is hacked, Apple asks for Foxconn inspections, the White House CTO resigns, and the FCC maps mobile-broadband penetration.

App Reviews: Fitness and Health Apps

Your best and cheapest personal trainer may be your tablet or smartphone. On this week's App Review we'll take a look at some of the best health and fitness apps including RunKeeper, Instant Heart Rate, Fitness HD and MyFitnessPal.

Yahoo Shakeup, Google Fiber, and Samsung Mocks Apple

On World Tech Update this week: Yahoo shakes up its board, Google fiber gets ready to go in Kansas, WiFi on planes isn't taking off, a website makes it easier to stalk fellow commuters, DARPA develops a four legged robot for the military, and Samsung mocks Apple.

The Byte: Yahoo Starts Afresh, Nokia Layoffs, Chrome for Android 4.0

More than half of Yahoo's board will be new. Nokia will lay off 4,000 workers and move production facilities to Asia before the end of 2012. Google's Chrome browser will come to Android 4.0 devices.

President Obama Fires Rocket in White House

Along with the help from Joey, an 8th grader from Arizona, U.S. President Barack Obama loaded a homemade rocket launcher with a marshmallow and fired it inside the White House.

The Byte: Sony Rebrands, ThinkPad Gets Android 4.0, Google Fiber

Sony will merge its PlayStation platform into broader services and products, Lenovo's ThinkPad tablet gets an OS upgrade, and Google preps for fiber cables.

The Asus Padfone, Facebook's IPO, Sony's Troubles, and More

On World Tech Update this week, Facebook announces an IPO, Sony's business is in trouble, the Asus Padfone sets for a debut and thousands flock to Macworld | iWorld.

The Byte: Not Stringer's Fault, Google Fined, Playbook Cut, Android Market Cleaned

Sony's CEO says losses aren't his fault, Google has to pay a fine, RIM cuts the price of its Playbook again, and Android Market malware is reduced.

The Byte: Facebook IPO, New Sony CEO, and Kindle Sales

Sony's new CEO starts in April, Asus will debut its Padfone smartphone-tablet hybrid this month, Facebook files for IPO, and sales of Amazon’s Kindle soared in the last nine weeks of 2011.

The Byte: Woes for Samsung, Toshiba, and Fujitsu

In today's show, news about how smartphone device makers are delaying new models after the iPhone's record success, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 news, and more.

Travel Apps: Flight Track, Kayak, Flight Board, and More

If you're taking to the skies anytime soon then there are certain apps you're going to need. The IDG App Review is a new show that'll tell you which apps are great and which ones are a waste of your time.

Nintendo Wii U to Launch in Time for Holidays

Nintendo said its new game console, Wii U, will be available for the 2012 holiday season in the U.S., Europe, and Japan.

Apple Shatters Records, New Facebook App, and EU Data Protection Rules

On World Tech Update this week, the EU proposes new online data-protection rules, Apple shatters sales records under CEO Tim Cook, and a new Facebook app is to die for.

Rallying Against SOPA, Yang Resigns from Yahoo, and Apple vs. Samsung

On World Tech Update this week, protestors rally against SOPA and PIPA, Yahoo's Yang resigns, Sony teases a universal remote gadget, the heated battle between Apple and Samsung rages on, and more...