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Remote-Controlled Equipment Cleans Up Japan's Nuclear Disaster

Tokyo Electric Power is putting remote-controlled machinery to use at the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Helicopters are being used to monitor the plant, and an excavator and transporter are being used to clear debris.

World Tech Update: Special Edition from Japan

This week's World Tech Update is a special edition from Sendai, Japan, where we look at the effect of the quake and tsunami on the tech industry and how tech is helping evacuees.

Clean-up Still Going on at Sony's Blu-Ray Factory Badly Damaged By Tsunami

Sony's facility for producing Blu-Ray discs and HD-camcorder tapes is located one mile from the ocean and suffered greatly during the recent earthquake and tsunami. Sony is just starting to pull the pieces together there.


New Baggage Screening System At LAX Promises More Efficient, Safer Travel

Los Angeles International Airport stepped up its baggage screening capabilities with the addition of new equipment for checked luggage. Called Siemens Apron Baggage Screening, the system can detect explosives and divert questionable bags for further screening.

Amazon Cloud Player & Cloud Drive Stores and Streams Your Media

Amazon introduced the cloud based services on Tuesday, offering 5GB of free storage to users.

A Plea for Help From Japan

Akibatteru is IDG News Services' monthly look at the world of Japanese geek, otaku, and manga. Here is the first monthly Akibatteru video made after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan.


Nintendo 3DS Offers 3D Gameplay Without Glasses

Nintendo's portable-glasses-free 3D game console, the Nintendo 3DS, went on sale in the U.S. this weekend. Droves of gamers braved the midnight cold for a launch event in New York City.


World Tech Update: The Buzz on Tablets, Apple Sues Amazon, and More

On World Tech Update this week: Phones and tablets debut at the CTIA mobile show in Orlando, we take a tour of a Japanese nuclear power plant, Apple sues, and the Fisker Karma goes on sale.


CTIA 2011: Up Close With Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Matt Hamblen gets a closer look at Samsung's new Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet.


Endomondo Fitness App Combines GPS, Music and Social Support

The Endomondo fitness app for smartphones, shown at this week's CTIA show, combines the ability to track a runner's speed, location, heart rate with other features like listening to a music playlist and challenging friends to race.


Up Close With the Kyocera Echo Dual-Screen Phone

Here's an overview of Kyocera's new Echo smart phone, a dual-display Android smartphone that will be available for Sprint customers on April 17. The two screens allow for easier multi-tasking and optimized apps.


Inside A Japanese Nuclear Power Plant

In August 2007, IDG News Service visited the Kashiwazaki Kariwa nuclear power station. This video provides a rare glimpse at the inside of the world's largest nuclear power plant.

MIT Robots Take Stage In New Opera

In Death and the Powers, a new opera by MIT Media Lab professor Tod Machover, the main character wishes to leave the physical world, but remain there digitally. He downloads himself into The System and continues to interact with the audience and other characters through robots and a technique called disembodied performance.


World Tech Update: Microsoft Launches IE9, Japan's Earthquake, a Robotic Opera, and More

Also: iPhone users miss daylight savings time, HP's new CEO steps out of Mark Hurd's shadow, and a robot opera takes to the stage.


HP CEO Bets Company On Cloud, Will Offer Public Cloud Service

HP also plans to open a marketplace that will include both applications and cloud-based services for enterprises, small businesses and consumers.