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Windows Phone 7, Assange, Netflix, and Innovation

In this week's World Tech Update: Ballmer jokes about Windows Phone 7, Assange fights extradition, Netflix raises fees, and more.

China's Tianhe-1 Supercomputer Boots Up

One of China's fastest supercomputers is now running in Hunan. The Tianhe-1 has a theoretical peak speed of 1.1 petaflops, which means it can perform up to 1,100 trillion operations per second.

The Boing787, Facebook's Video Chat, and PowerPoint Issues

On World Tech Update this week, we take a look inside the most advanced passenger jet in the sky, check out Facebook video chat, and find out what one Swiss man is doing against PowerPoint.


Spy Cameras, Violent Games, and the MySpace Sale

On World Tech Update this week: Office365 launches, violent video games can be sold to minors, U.S. police use secret cameras, and more.


Balmer Launches Cloud-Based Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer formally launched the much-awaited Office 365 this week. The new suite is a nod to the rising popularity of cloud-based apps.

CEA LineShows Offer a Sneak Peek at Next-Gen Gadgets

At multiple consumer electronics shows in New York recently, gadget makers were showing off the latest in mobile, 3D and gaming.


Skype Sale Approved, PS Vita Delayed, and Wii U Specs

On this week's World Tech Update: Microsoft's Skype purchase is approved, Playstation Vita will ship later than promised, Nintendo's Wii U won't be much more powerful, and more.


BBC's Data Dilemma

The Webwereld Netherlands story headlined "BBC's data dilemma" and posted Wednesday has been removed from the wire. Online editors are asked to immediately...

iPad 3 Rumors, IBM Turns 100, Coffee, and Volvos

In this week's World Tech Update: iPad 3 rumors, IBM's 100th anniversary, Starbucks' new Android app, Google's well-paid employees, Volvos that automatically avoid animals, and much more.


Volvo Adds In-Car Radar to Prevent Animal Collisions

Volvo hopes to reduce collisions with wild animals with new technology.


Starbucks Adds Payment App for Android Devices

Coffee drinkers can use the app to pay for drinks, find stores, and check on rewards.

E3: Dance Central 2 Adds Simultaneous Multi-Player Dancing

Gamers playing Dance Central 2 can dance side-by-side. Harmonix said that more than 100 songs will be available for the game.

E3: Talk To Game Characters With New Kinect Feature

Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360 now lets gamers talk to in-game characters.

The Sights of E3 2011

The sights of the 2011 E3 gaming convention in Los Angeles, CA.


Imaginary Interface Lets You Interact with an Invisible Phone

Researchers at Germany's Hasso-Plattner Institute have developed what they call imaginary interfaces that allow users to interact with their phones even though they're not in front of them.