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CeBIT: What to Expect This Week From One of Europe's Largest Tech Shows

CeBIT, the world's largest IT fair, runs this week in Hanover, Germany. IDG Daily takes a look at what may be on tap there.

Nokia/Microsoft Deal Is a Good Thing Says CEO of Vodafone Germany

Nokia's decision to adopt Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system is good for the smartphone market, according to the CEO of Vodafone Germany.


Nintendo 3DS Launches In Japan

Hundreds of gamers line up in Japan to purchase Nintendo's 3DS, the first portable game device with a 3D screen.

Asus Brings Kinect-Like Gaming to PCs

Hoping to do for personal computers what Microsoft has done for gaming, Asus will soon put on sale a motion-sensing device that looks and works like the Xbox Kinect.

New Tech from Intel and the Motorola Xoom on World Tech Update

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange loses a U.K. court battle, Intel makes a $5 billion bet on new technology, Motorola launches the Xoom, Fujitsu has an enterprise tablet and more.


Motorola's Xoom to Launch on Thursday

The highly anticipated Motorola Xoom tablet runs Android 3 (Honeycomb), Google's operating system for tablets. The Xoom will be sold through Verizon Wireless.


VMware Launches Business Apps for Android

With more and more employees bringing their Android phones to work, it's becoming harder for enterprises to separate business and pleasure on the devices. New software from VMware hopes to change that.


Obama Meets Jobs, Zuckerberg, Others in Silicon Valley

Among the subjects likely discussed during U.S. President Barack Obama's Silicon Valley meeting this week was the president's plan to invest in research and development to boost America's high-tech competitiveness.

World Tech Update: Mobile World Congress

A flurry of new tablets and smartphones, Nvidia's new cell phone processor, and more on the Microsoft/Nokia partnership on this week's World Tech Update.


World Tech Update: Tablets and Smartphones From the Giant Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Microsoft and Nokia disclose more about their partnership, Nvidia shows a quad-core processor for cell phones, and there are new tablets and smartphones from a host of companies.


Nvidia Shows Off Quad-Core Mobile Processor Project Kal-El

Nvidia showed for the first time a new quad-core mobile processor code named Project Kal-El. Nvidia hopes to have a tablet using the new processor in the market in August and a smartphone later this year.


Sony To Launch 17- and 25-inch OLED Monitors

Sony will soon launch a pair of professional monitors that contain the largest commercial OLED screens yet produced.


Windows Phone 7 to Get IE9, Multitasking, and SkyDrive

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced this week that the company will be pushing new features to Windows Phone 7 users, including access to SkyDrive, multitasking, and a new HTML5 browser.


Samsung Galaxy S II Smartphone and Tab 10.1 Tablet Have Bigger Screens and Dual Cameras

Samsung refreshed its lineup of tablets and smartphones at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week.


Manage Your Smartphone Via Casio's Bluetooth Watch

Casio's low-power prototype watch lets you manage your phone from your wrist via Bluetooth.