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Ultrabooks Unveiled: Super-Slim Laptops With Intel Inside

Intel is hoping to see a new class of thin and light laptops based around its chips. The computers, called Ultrabooks, are expected around the end of this year. One such machine, the Asus UX, was demonstrated during an Intel keynote speech at the Computex trade show in Taiwan.

Computex 2011: Top Stories at Taiwan's Giant Tech Show

Processor wars, new tablets galore, and Chrome OS's move to Asia were some of the hot topics at this week's Computex 2011 Tech show. Take a look.


World Tech Update: Mango, Angry Birds, OLEDs and More.

Microsoft demos Windows Phone Mango, Ballmer accidentally announces Windows 8, Sharp shows off new display devices, and more.

Sharp Makes The World's Highest Resolution LCD HDTV

The 85-inch screen, developed by Sharp, uses Super Hi-Vision, a next-generation broadcasting technology that packs 16 times the resolution of today's high-definition TV.


Windows Phone 'Mango' Adds Apps, IE9, and Fast Browsing

Microsoft has unveiled some of the 500 updates that will come to Windows Phone later this year. Take an early look at Mango's most prominent new features.

Explosion at Foxconn Factory Claims Three Lives

Three workers died and 15 others were injured after an explosion at a Foxconn factory in Chengdu, southwest China. The accident highlights concerns about worker safety and may lead to product shortages.


Angry Birds Robots Controlled by Wi-Fi

Robots with heads modeled after characters in the Angry Birds video game were on show at the Beijing International High Tech Expo. Smartphones were used to control the bots remotely via Wi-Fi.

Bing's Facebook Integration, PSN's Reboot, and Huggy Robots

In this week's World Tech Update: NASA's shuttle Endeavor blasts off, a research project creates 3D images, and the Telenoid robot tries to hug host Nick Barber.

Snowglobe Project: A 360-Degree, Hologram-Like Display

Using a 3D projector, Microsoft Kinect sensors, and a spherical display, a project at the Computer-Human Interaction Conference in Vancouver presents a 360 degree view of an object.


Telenoid Robot Shows Emotion, Dreams of Electric Sheep

Conveying physical emotions through a phone call or email is difficult, but researchers from Japan’s Osaka University have developed a robot that they think can do just that. Nick Barber caught the emotional android in action at the Computer-Human Interaction Conference.


NASA Space Shuttle Endeavor Lifts Off for Final Flight

The space shuttle is taking six astronauts on a 16-day mission to the International Space Station. It will deliver the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer and spare parts.

World Tech Update: Microsoft Buys Skype; Chromebooks Announced; and More

On World Tech Update this week, Microsoft announces that it will buy Skype for $8.5 billion, Google announces that the first Chromebooks will go on sale June 15 and we’re at the Computer Human Interaction conference in Vancouver where we’ll show you the latest in cutting edge research and development from all over the world.


Google Chromebook Orders Start June 15

Users will be able to place orders for Google Chrome OS-based laptops starting on June 15. Samsung and Acer each will make Chromebooks, which promise long battery life and cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity.


Microsoft Announces $8.5 Billion Skype Acquisition

Microsoft announced it will acquire Skype for $8.5 billion, and CEO Steve Ballmer told reporters why.

Paper Phone Prototype Uses E-Ink and Flexible Display

At the Computer-Human Interaction conference, a flexible mobile device dubbed the Paper Phone was on display. It uses the e-ink technology found in the Amazon Kindle, and it recognizes 10 unique bends and gestures.