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Tokyo Attempts Return To Normal--Electronics Makers Deal With Quake Problems

Japan's major electronics companies took stock of their problems, as the country struggles to come to terms with the scale of devastation following Friday's massive earthquake and tsunami.

Japan To Face Rolling Blackouts

A series of planned electricity blackouts should roll through east Japan Monday, Tokyo Electric Power said.

Why People Waited in Line for the Apple iPad 2

Customers in Boston discuss the variety of new features on the second generation Apple device they look forward to using. iPad 2 goes on sale in a number of other countries on March 25.


Cisco to Stay out of the Services Business

The story, "Cisco to stay out of the services business," posted Wednesday, contained a vendor misstatement in the first sentence of the sixth paragraph regarding...

World Tech Update: Windows Phone 7 Update Delayed, Facebook Offers Movie Rentals and More

Coming up on World Tech Update this week VeriFone accuses Square of enabling skimming, Sony's CEO taps his likely successor, a Windows Phone 7 update is delayed, and more.


Microsoft Techfest Projects Hope to Improve Medical Diagnostics

One project discussed this week at Microsoft's research gathering helps with colon cancer screening, while another interprets CT scans.

EpicMix Adds Social Networking To Ski Slopes

Rolled out to five mountains this season, the RF-powered social-networking service logs your progress on the slopes and gives you awards based on your mountain exploration.


Brain Control, CeBIT and the iPad 2 on World Tech Update

We take a look at weird interfaces at CeBIT as well as Apple's update of their industry leading tablet.


The Future of Shopping: A Virtual Shoe Wall, Interactive Store Windows

Virtual walls of shoes and interactive shop window technology were on view at the CeBIT conference in Germany this week.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs Introduces the iPad 2

The iPad 2 is a third thinner than its predecessor -- thinner than the iPhone 4. Apple's new tablet will have a same battery life, storage and pricing as the older iPad, starting at $499.


CeBIT: Archos To Launch Low-cost Android Tablet

Fancy a tablet, but put off by the prices? French media player maker Archos is hoping to benefit rom the tablet boom by launching what it calls the first entry-level tablet PC.


CeBIT: Asus Motherboard Box Doubles As A PC Case

In the quest to cut down on shipping waste Taiwan's Asus has a novel idea: What if the shipping container became the PC case?

CeBIT: More Motion-Control Computing on Tap

The IDG Daily staff are looking forward to seeing more motion-controlled computing at the world's biggest IT fair.

CeBIT: MSI shows Android-based tablet

MSI will soon launch a version of its WindPad tablet running Android. A prototype of the WindPad 100A is on display at this week's CeBIT trade fair in Germany.


Germany's Chancellor Tours CeBIT 2011 as it Opens for Business

Germany's CeBIT trade show opened to the public on Tuesday with a focus on cloud computing.