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Manage Your Smartphone Via Casio's Bluetooth Watch

Casio's low-power prototype watch lets you manage your phone from your wrist via Bluetooth.


New LG Phones and Tablets Let You View 3D Content Without Special Glasses

LG's newest devices feature 3D capability that you don't need special glasses to enjoy.


The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Smartphone Plays PlayStation Games

A traditional mobile phone hooks up with a portable gaming console in the Xperia Play smartphone from Sony Ericsson.


Nokia Adopts Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 OS

Nokia has announced that it will be adopting Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform as its primary phone OS.


HP and Sprint Phones and the Future of TV on World Tech Update

HP introduces the Touchpad tablet, the iPhone 4 goes on sale at Verizon, Sprint launches the dual screen Echo smartphone, and more.


Verizon Prepares for iPhone 4 Launch

The iPhone 4 is now available at Verizon retail stores across the U.S. and it's appearance at more than 2,000 Verizon shops will be supplemented by sales at hundreds of Walmart and BestBuy stores.


HP Introduces Touchpad Tablet and Two Smartphones Running webOS

Hp's Touchpad tablet will be available this summer in the US. The Pre3 and Veer smartphones will be available this spring and all three devices run webOS and can be charged wirelessly using a TouchStone device.


HP Announces Touch-Screen Desktops and New Laptop Product Lines

HP has unleashed a product line stocked with touch-screen desktops and exciting new laptop designs, but they expect some delays due to the new Sandy Bridge processors.

Sprint Announces the Echo, an Android-Based Dual-Screen Smartphone

The Echo, made by Kyocera, has two 3.5-inch screens that open up to provide a wider viewing area.


Universal Power Supply: One Charger to Rule them All

Europe has unveiled their common phone charger (hopefully) putting an end to the clutter and inconvenience of the phone industries many variations.


The Latest and Greatest From Japan on Akibatteru

Robots, JPop and Sony's new handheld in this month's Akibatteru.


Digital Equipment Corp. Co-founder Ken Olsen Dies at Age 84

Kenneth Olsen, the computer industry pioneer who co-founded minicomputer maker Digital Equipment Corp., died at the age of 84 on Sunday.

The Tech Behind This Year's Super Bowl

As the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers take the field this weekend for the 45th Super Bowl, millions of eyes will be on the gridiron. Behind the scenes though is a vast IT infrastructure to make sure everything runs smoothly.

World Tech Update: Egypt Turns the Internet Back On, Google Opens a Web Store for Android, and More

On World Tech Update this week Egypt turns the Internet back on, Google announces a Web-based store for Android applications, News Corp. unveils The Daily, and more.


Google Opens Android Web Store, Introduces In-app Purchasing

Google recently demonstrated its upcoming Honeycomb Android OS and launched a Web-based store for Android applications.