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Google Wallet Launches on Nexus S 4G Phones

Google Wallet became available on Nexus S 4G phones on Sprint's network this week.

Sharp Kills a Tablet, Windows 8 News, and More

Microsoft teases Windows 8, Sharp kills its Galapagos tablet, support for Netflix comes to more Android devices, and more.

Microsoft Demos Windows 8 on Samsung Tablet

Microsoft also offered an early release of the preview version of the OS for download to anyone who is interested.

Modern Vending Machines Add Touchscreens and Mobile Payments

These aren't your father's vending machines. Many of these new machines take cash, credit cards and, soon, payments from mobile phones.

Tablets, 3D Glasses, and More at IFA in Berlin

Check out the highlights of the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin. Tablets, 3D glasses, phones and many and more devices were on display.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Mysteriously Vanishes

Just days after introducing it at the IFA consumer electronics show, Samsung yanked the tablet after a German court order.

Multiplayer Gaming Goes Fullscreen with LG's 3D Dual Play Glasses

Normally in multiplayer games the screen is split, but with LG's Dual Play glasses and a 3DTV, each gamer can view a full screen.


Sony's Head-Mounted Personal 3D Viewer

Sony is offering a head-mounted display as an alternative for consumers who don't want to buy a 3D TV.

Tablets Galore at the IFA Show in Berlin

In World Tech Update this week, tablets are all the rage here at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin. Plus: new ultraportable laptops and cloud-connected cars.

Samsung Galaxy Note: Small Tablet or Big Smartphone?

Samsung hopes that it can convince consumers that the Galaxy Note is the bridge between smartphones and tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Note May Revive the Stylus

The Galaxy Note, a 5.3-inch tablet/phone hybrid, is designed to be operated with either a finger or a stylus.

Ford Evos Car Will Connect to the Cloud

Billed as a cloud-connected automobile, Ford says its concept car will make decisions based on driver preferences.

Sony Shows New Android Tablets at IFA in Berlin

At this week’s IFA consumer electronics show, Sony launched single- and dual-screen Android Honeycomb tablets that will interact with TVs and other Sony products.

IBM Develops New Weather Prediction Software

IBM has developed new technology for weather prediction.

Jobs Resigns, Google Fined, and RIM's Cloud Service

Steve Jobs resigns, Samsung Galaxy smartphones banned, Google is fined, RIM pilots a cloud-based music service, and more.