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New Apple MacBook Airs Get Even Slimmer

Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced two new super-slim MacBook Airs that measure just 0.68 inches thick on one end and 0.11 inches on the other.


Starbucks Launches Digital Content Network

Starbucks and Yahoo rolled out the Starbucks Digital Network on Wednesday to 6,800 stores across the U.S.

MIT Media Lab Turns 25: A Gallery

Robots, gadgets, and inventions galore for kids of all ages can all be found at the MIT Media Lab.

Windows Phone 7, a Home Video Conferencing System, and More

World Tech Update: Windows Phone 7 handsets, a prototype heads-up display, and a home videoconferencing system.

Hands-on With the Windows Phone 7's Gaming Features

At the launch of the first handsets to run Windows Phone 7, we had a chance to get a tour of the OS's gaming features.


Microsoft Launches First Windows Phone 7 Handsets

Microsoft showed off on Monday the first handsets to run Windows Phone 7, it's new operating system for cell phones. The launch, in New York, is potentially one of Microsoft's most important for years and is being seen as a make-or-break step for the company in the cell phone market.


Flexible OLED Screens, a Dual-Screen Phone, Robots, and More

Take a look at TDK’s flexible OLED display, a dual-screen cell phone from Fujitsu, new tricks from the Murata girl robot, and more.


Google TV Available Soon

Logitech took the wraps off a set-top box called Revue, which will be the first device to bring the highly anticipated Google TV platform to television sets.


Toshiba Announces 3D TVs That Don't Require Special Viewing Glasses

Toshiba readies two 3D televisions that can produce images with the illusion of depth but don't require the user to wear glasses.


A Robotic Exoskeleton, Electric Cars, the PlayBook, and More

RIM unveils the BlackBerry PlayBook, the iPhone 4 launches in China, electric cars are in Paris, and Raytheon revamps its Exoskeleton robotic suit.


Nintendo Announces the Date for the 3DS Launch

Nintendo has announced launch details for its 3DS, the first portable game device with a 3D screen. It'll be available on February 26, 2011 in Japan and cost roughly $300.


Sharp Announces the Galapagos e-Book Reader

Sharp has announced plans to launch two e-book readers in December.


Twitter's Worm, a Blackberry Tablet, and More

Twitter fights a worm, rumors to debut a Blackberry tablet, Netflix comes to Canada, and more.


Oracle's Larry Ellison Defines Cloud Computing at OpenWorld 2010 Conference

In a measured approach, Oracle's CEO Larry Ellison defines cloud computing.

World Tech Update: Twitter's Redesign, Robots in Space, and More.

Dell shows off a swivel screen netbook-tablet hybrid, eBay and Alibaba explore a partnership, Twitter unveils a site redesign, NASA plans to send a robot into space, and more.