Ian HaracPCWorld

PerfectDisk Professional

Defrag your disk, and more, with this powerful suite of utilities.

YoWindow Shows Your Weather on a Screensaver You Choose

Get weather updates and a dynamic screensaver with fun utility YoWindow.

Free 3DMark Basic Benchmarks Your Gaming PC

Justify your "need" for a new video card to yourself, your spouse, or your parents with proof of how bad your current card is, courtesy of 3DMark Basic.

Dictionary .NET

A tiny, easy and smart multilingual dictionary and translation

Freebie Linkman Lite Tames Bookmarks and Links

Create order out of bookmark chaos and manage your links with powerful utility Linkman Lite.

Directory Opus (32-bit)

Replace Windows Explorer with this powerful, full-featured program.

Xtravo Web Browser Not Extravagantly Interesting

With this iteration, Jawoco's entry in the alternative browser category fails to stand out from the pack.

See How Your PC Stacks Up With the Free PCMark 7 Basic

Put your hardware through its paces--and then compare its performance online--with PCMark 7.

UI Problems Mar a Great Feature Set in Latest Jv16 PowerTools

This collection of useful and feature-rich tools is undermined by interface and implementation issues.

Manage Disks (Partway) With DiskBoss Free

DiskBoss Free offers some interesting and powerful disk management features, locked in a maze of "upsell" dialogs.

Battlestar Galactica Online Game: All of the Warfare, None of the Angst

Go frag some Toasters...or show the power of the One God to those worthless meatbags...in this browser-based MMO.


Find out your hard disk's secrets with this open-source utility.

Captain Optimizer - 1 Computer License

Captain Optimizer scans your system to detect processes and settings that slow your system down. It then initiates immediate corrective actions to optimize the system for improved performance. Relevant components are scanned, cleaned and tuned for greater speed, performance and overall experience. The result: A PC that runs like new again.

Desktop Publishing Tool MadCap Flare Is Great for Complex Projects

The MadCap Flare tool for technical documents hits high bars for power and complexity.

Opera Browser: Strong Enough to Sing the Big Boys Off the Stage?

Opera 11 refuses to accept the dominance of the "Big 2" and delivers a knockout product.