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This potentially useful program is under slow development.

Plan, Plot--and Write--Novels With Liquid Story XE

Write the great (your nation's name here) novel with Liquid Story XE, a powerful tool for authors.

Cute Organizer

Convenient and easy-to-use feature-packed info management system that saves time

Tabbles Home

Tabbles Corporate is a data management and collaboration solution. It allows you to tag files socially, and share their tagging on LAN or in the Cloud (tested with all the major cloud-storage services). It's serverless, requires very little configuration, can be configured by non IT-Experts and easy to use. All you need is a shared folder!

Depeche View Lite Is Not a Text Search Utility for the Masses

Some of Depeche View's interesting and useful features are locked behind an almost impenetrable interface.

Depeche View Lite

Some of Depeche View's interesting and useful features are locked behind an almost impenetrable interface.

Clipboard History Makes Light Work of Cutting and Pasting Chores

Store multiple items on the clipboard and recall them at will with small and useful utility Clipboard History.

Immerse Yourself in Free, Open-Source Game Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup

Roguelike games continue to advance with this addictive and deep single-player RPG Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.

PerfectDisk Professional

Defrag your disk, and more, with this powerful suite of utilities.

YoWindow Shows Your Weather on a Screensaver You Choose

Get weather updates and a dynamic screensaver with fun utility YoWindow.

Free 3DMark Basic Benchmarks Your Gaming PC

Justify your "need" for a new video card to yourself, your spouse, or your parents with proof of how bad your current card is, courtesy of 3DMark Basic.

Dictionary .NET

A tiny, easy and smart multilingual dictionary and translation

Freebie Linkman Lite Tames Bookmarks and Links

Create order out of bookmark chaos and manage your links with powerful utility Linkman Lite.

Directory Opus (32-bit)

Replace Windows Explorer with this powerful, full-featured program.

Xtravo Web Browser Not Extravagantly Interesting

With this iteration, Jawoco's entry in the alternative browser category fails to stand out from the pack.