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ConnectedText 6 screenshot

ConnectedText 6 review: Personal wiki adds long-requested features

ConnectedText is a powerful single-user wiki application. Version 6 adds major improvements in the form of named blocks, multiple views of the same file, and cross-project queries.

Apache OpenOffice 4.0 spreadsheet screenshot

Apache OpenOffice 4.0 review: New features, easier to use, still free

Lagging slightly behind Microsoft Office in features, Apache OpenOffice has a lot of functionality and flexibility, as well as tight integration among components. It's also free and open-source.

Distant_Worlds_established empire

Distant Worlds gives 4X Players a huge galaxy and many options

Distant Worlds is a classic 4X (eXpand, eXplore, eXploit, eXterminate) game with as much or as little micromanagement as you want. The latest expansion, Shadows, offers a unique twist on 4X play: You can control a pirate band instead of galactic empires.

Review: Batten down the hatches and man the.... railgun? in Leviathan Warships

Leviathan: Warships is the core of an excellent game, with a lot of small annoyances dragging it down.

Review: Evoland compresses three decades of video game history into one game

Evoland's central gimmick of gradually unlocking features and tropes is compelling and fun. However, the underlying game could be deeper.

Review: Text editor UltraEdit 19 is feature-packed and flexible

UltraEdit keeps living up to its name. It's one of the most feature-rich text editors out there, well-supported, and reasonably priced.

Review: JArchitect analyzes Java code, revealing structures, dependencies, and design flaws

JArchitect provides a wealth of information on your code structure, and offers reports on many code metrics and areas where there are likely design problems. The cost makes it primarily a tool for businesses and commercial developers.

Review: LiveCode Community is open-source HyperCard for the 21st century

LiveCode Community is the latest iteration of RunRev's cross-platform development tool. Inspired by HyperCard, it adds many features and, with the Community platform, a no-cost option.

Review: Towns lets you build a fantasy city, one human corpse at a time

Towns is a complex, fun, game of micromanagement, city building, and exploration. The potential is there to be the next big game in this small niche, but it's not up to standards of a commercial product.

Review: Page Four provides the tools writers need, without distractions

This straightforward writing program is designed to enhance productivity.

Review: Process Hacker is task manager on steroids

Process Hacker provides information on running processes, system resource use, and so on, with many options for customization... and it's free.

Review: Sticky Password Pro is a valuable tool for keeping passwords safe

Sticky Password makes it easy to store a different password for each site, as well as other data. Constantly updated and with many utility features, it's well worth the price.

Review: Wizardry Online brings 1981 dungeon crawling into the MMO era

An unusual mix of influences, ranging from its namesake Apple II game to console RPGs to early Ultima Online, Wizardry Online offers a decidedly different feel from most MMORPGs, but it needs polish and an improved play experience.

Review: Dooble enters the crowded field of alternative browsers

Dooble has some nice ideas and is fast, but needs further development to be a day-to-day browser. With more polish, it could be excellent, especially with its default security settings.

Review: Age Of Fear 2 brings back classic turn-based strategy gaming

Age of Fear 2 is a turn-based strategy game that with a distinctly retro feel. It has a lot of good ideas and challenging battles, but also has a lot of rough edges.