Ian HaracPCWorld

KP Typing Tutor

Set your fingers flying with this functional (if sometimes buggy) little tutor.

Put Your PC Through Its Paces With Dacris Benchmarks

Dacris Benchmarks rates your system's performance, then tells you how it stacks up to others.

Five Cellular Automata

See how simple rules produce complex patterns with this beautiful and educational program.

Dacris Benchmarks

Tests the performance of the components in your PC and optimizes accordingly.


ENVy compares the environments of 2 computers and presents the differences.

Tiny and Free Utility System Spec Reveals Your System's Secrets

Get full details of your system with the free and portable utility System Spec.

"Swiss Army Knife" of Utilities: JV16 PowerTools Does It All

Clean out registry clutter, find duplicate files, wipe drives, and more with JV16 PowerTools.

O&O Defrag Professional Beats Out Free Competitors

Fast, feature-rich defragger O&O Defrag Professional Edition has a clean interface.

Local Website Archive Lite

Collect pages as you surf the Web, then access them offline.

PalTalkScene Adds Video to Its Chat

Chat with friends, meet new friends, and bring up video with the PalTalkScene chat tool and community.

Jv16 Power Tools 2010

Clean out registry clutter, find duplicate files, wipe drives, and more with this "Swiss Army Knife" of utilities.

System Spec

Get full details of your system with this free and portable utility.

Old-School Geek Tool: Edit Text With Vim

Rapidly edit text files with Vim, a Windows-compatible port of the classic *nix editing tool.


Participate in chat rooms with others via audio and your keyboard.

Design Your Own First-Person Shooter for Free With Cube 2: Sauerbraten

Design maps for FPS play, with cooperative editing inside the map itself, in Cube 2: Sauerbraten.