Ian HaracPCWorld


Rapidly edit text files with this Windows-compatible port of the classic *nix editing tool.

Cube 2: Sauerbraten

Design maps for FPS play, with cooperative editing inside the map itself.

Astroburn Pro Makes Burning Discs Easier Than Burning Dinner

Easily burn to CD, DVD and Blu-Ray with the useful Astroburn Pro.

Astroburn Pro

Create and manage CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray file burning projects with this program.

Conquer Online

Slay foes and flightless fowl alike in this free MMORPG.

Table Tool

Table Tool is a lean and mean database that puts you in control of your data.

Micromanage the Lives of Fantasy Characters in Dwarf Fortress

The amazing--and amazingly complex--"god game" Dwarf Fortress lets you govern a dwarf colony down to the tiniest detail.

Play an Atari/C64 Classic for Free With Planet M.U.L.E.

Planet MULE lets you replay one of the classic games of the 8-bit era, and show your skill (or lack thereof) to the world.

Programming Tool CppDepend Helps Pros Make Sense of C++ Projects

Analyze C++ projects in exhaustive detail with CppDepend

Ashampoo Office 2010

Perform the usual office tasks with this much less costly but somewhat less feature-rich alternative to MS Office.

Dictionary .Net Looks Up and Translates Words the Google Way

Small popup application Dictionary.Net looks things up on Google so you don't have to.

Dwarf Fortress

Manage the lives of dwarves in more detail than you ever thought possible.

Make Task Management More Like World of Warcraft With the QuestTracker PIM

Track your home chores and work tasks just like you track your Warcraft progress, thanks to QuestTracker.


Analyze C++ projects in exhaustive detail.

TeamSpeak Lets You Talk--Not Type--With Co-Workers or Gaming Buddies

Stop typing, start talking, and gain work productivity or gaming speed with TeamSpeak.