Ian HaracPCWorld

Planet M.U.L.E.

Replay one of the classic games of the 8-bit era, and show your skill (or lack thereof) to the world.

Browsing With Xtravo Explorer Is a Unique but Uneven Experience

Xtravo Explorer focuses on compactness and browsing speed, but comes with far too many bugs.

CCS64 Turns Your PC Into a Commodore 64

Relive the days of your youth--or possibly your parents' youth--with the CCS64 emulator program.

Tabbles Free Gives You New Ways to Tag and Find Files

Organize and categorize your files by traits--not disk location--with Tabbles Free.


Track your home chores and work tasks just like you track your Warcraft progress.

ComicRack Lets You View and Organize Digital Comics--For Free

This donationware labor of love will appeal to comic book aficionados.


Stop typing, start talking, and find out that the "hot elf princess" sounds like Danny DeVito in real life.


Relive the days of your youth, or possibly your parents' youth, with this emulator program.

Tabbles Free

The free version of Tabbles is basically a demo of the paid version--but it's a generous one, and it's free.

Dungeons and Dragons Character Builder Puts You In the Game

With the well-crafted Dungeons and Dragons Character Builder, make sure your fourth edition tabletop D&D character is legal.


Read all your legally downloaded comic books with this feature-rich but slightly quirky program.

Organize Your Info With Venerable PIM TreePad Plus

Powerful and feature-rich PIM TreePad Plus is just beginning to show signs of age.

PerfectDisk 11 Whips Your Hard Drive Into Shape

Defrag your disk, and more, with the powerful PerfectDisk suite of utilities.

Dungeons & Dragons Character Builder

Make sure your fourth edition D&D character is legal with this well-crafted program.

TreePad PLUS

This powerful and feature-rich PIM which is just beginning to show signs of age.