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Review: Xtravo Web Browser has clean look, many quirks

XTravo is an alternative browser that needs more unique features to make it worth switching from the tried-and-true.

Jalatext can navigate around a 16 gigabyte file with remarkable speed.

Jalatext: Utility to open and navigate immense files

Jalatext lets you open and navigate extremely large files. Although it works relatively well, at $30 it's pricey.

GS-Calc: A low-cost spreadsheet with a unique interface

GS-Calc continues to refine its niche as an inexpensive spreadsheet that's not an Excel clone. This version adds pivot table support and improves usability.

Ultra Recall offers flexible outlining and data management

In both Standard and Professional versions, Ultra Recall is a powerful, feature-rich outlining tool.

Surf Now, Read Later With Local Website Archive Lite

Local Website Archive Lite makes it easy to save pages.

Gratuitious Tank Battles is a Tower Defense Game With a Twist (And Tanks)

Gratuitous Tank Battles offers explosions, mechs, and all the jolly fun of World War I, with lasers.

Geek Alert: Edit Code With This Open-Source Implementation of a Leading RAD Tool

Lazarus IDE places a Delphi-like GUI on top of Free Pascal.

Is That an Elf in My Steampunk? City of Steam Is an Unusual MMORPG

City of Steam, currently in alpha, mixes fantasy and steampunk to make a promising game.

Type Less, Write More with PhraseExpress

PhraseExpress corrects spelling, expands acronyms, and even does math.

Beyond the Realm of Tolkien Ripoffs: Different MMORPGs

Each of these ten MMOs offers something different, whether in setting or in gameplay. Most are free to play, and all are free to try.

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Maxthon Is Fast, Free, and Just as Good as the Famous Browsers

Web browser Maxthon is clean-looking and quick, with useful features.

Immerse Yourself in Post-apocalyptic Game Fallen Earth

Fight mutant chickens, explore ruins, and craft weapons in Fallen Earth.

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Control a Fantastic World in Free MMORPG Wurm Online

You can literally reshape the world in Wurm Online, an incredibly deep sandbox game marred only by clunky graphics.

Drive a Tank and Beat Up Other Tanks in World of Tanks

World of Tanks delivers arena-style PVP action, with tanks from the past century serving as your avatars in the world.

Ryzom: A Game That Refused to Die

Ryzom offers unique features and a world that isn't Generic Tolkien Rip-off Number 12.