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WinZip Standard 16 Almost Too Good to Be Standard-Issue

Winzip 16 piles on the features, including a cloud-based service and a 64-bit engine--even in the Standard version.

WinZip 16 Pro Is a Compression Utility for Power Users

WinZip 16 Pro adds backup and task management to the feature set.

Dominate the Galaxy in Star Ruler Game

Star Ruler is a graphically beautiful 4X game with RTS elements.

Downloads Digest: Carbonite 5, Fade In, AeroFS, Cloud9 IDE, Studio One Artist

The five most recently reviewed files include screenplay software, a fabulous file-sync program in invitation-only beta, a promising IDE that needs some work, and a music and audio recording program.

Write a Screenplay Like the Pros Do With Fade In

Fade In gives you the tools to produce the next "Citizen Kane"…or the next "Mansquito vs. Megacroc."

What's Up in Downloads? Latest Five Reviews: Mind Maps, Diff Tool, Free Game

Our reviewers mapped their minds, geeked out with a differential program, and got lost in an immersive space game.

Aurora: An Intense Game of Intergalactic Exploration and Expansion

Lose yourself in the deep gameplay and old-school graphics of Aurora.

How To Install Aurora

Aurora's deep gameplay starts with deeply confusing installation. These instructions will make it easier.

ConnectedText Personal Wiki

ConnectedText's new version 5 builds on its strengths as a personal wiki.

MMORPG NEStalgia Looks Like 1987, Plays Like 2011

NEStalgia answers the question we've all been asking: What if MMORPGs had appeared in 1989?

Classic Games in the Making: Old-School RPGs Are New Again

These recent fantasy games mix nostalgia and solid gameplay. Most of them are either free or have prices straight out of the 1980s, too.

Cthulhu Saves the World Skewers H.P. Lovecraft and 90s Console RPGs

Can a brooding, insane, extraterrestrial god become a true hero? Find out in Cthulhu Saves the World!

Eschalon: Book Two

Challenging old-school gameplay, crisp graphics, and an unfolding story make CRPG Eschalon: Book Two worth playing.

Tactical Combat Makes Knights of the Chalice a Tough, But Rewarding, Game

Old-school graphic style and challenging tactical combat define RPG Knights of the Chalice.

Planetary Aspects and Transits

Forget "I'm a Taurus." This program will tell you more than you can imagine about the time of your birth.