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Google Goggles: Bad for Business?

Amidst the slew of Google announcements this week, one that really made me sit up in my chair concerned a new mobile service called Google Goggles.

Social Networks at Work an 'Untapped' Value

Gartner says companies should embrace Facebook and other social networks for better business.

Facebook Dominates Global Social Nets - For Now

Smaller, local social networks are nipping at Facebook's heels around the world despite its current powess.

Businesses Turn to Video Meetings

Survey Finds Nearly 2 out of 5 Videoconferencing Weekly

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Which Operating System Has the Best Social Life?

Mac OS X Gets Thrashed in OS Social Media Face-off

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Online Car Sales: Middlemen Continue to Call the Shots

Imagine, if you will, an alternate Internet reality. A strange reality, in which online sales involve mandatory visits to brick-and-mortar stores.

Twitter vs. Second Life: A N00b Takes Another Look

Overhyped technology poster child of 2009, meet your counterpart from 2006.

Think Facebook Will Be the End of E-mail? Think Again

Don't you hate it when perfectly good hypotheses are proven wrong? The media measurement folks at Nielsen had just such an experience.

Second Life Claims Social Network Crown

Linden Lab says its virtual world long outpaced any social network service.

SEC Looks into Corporate Twitter Use

SEC may be concerned with tweets that potentially conflict with SEC regulations on corporate communications.

What Facebook Vote?

An early morning blog post by Facebook's Ted Ullyot has noted the preliminary results of the site governance vote.

Is Microsoft Still Trying to Challenge the iPod?

Rumor has it that Redmond is taking another stab at the portable media player with its Zune HD.

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Ancestry.com Reports Growth Despite Economic Slump

The online genealogy site credits TV and online ads for helping it grow revenue 18 percent in 2008.

What Was Your First Mobile Phone?

We're in an age in which high-powered smartphones and mobile Internet access are rapidly becoming the norm. It hasn't always been that way, though.

Second Life Profitable Despite Interface Woes

Linden Lab's two top execs admit that the in-world experience still takes too long for new users to master.