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Ian is an independent writer based in Tel Aviv, Israel. His current focus is on all things tech including mobile devices, desktop and laptop computers, software, social networks, Web apps, tech-related legislation and corporate tech news.


How to use Bing image search in Office 2013 and 2016

Integrated Bing image search is an easy way to add photos to your documents.

google pixel c front facing beauty

Google will sell you its high-end Pixel C tablet for 25% off if you say you're a developer

Are you a developer? Can you claim you're a developer? You might be able to get a discount on a Pixel C tablet if you do.


Oculus Social lets Gear VR pals play together online

If you and your friends all have a Gear VR you can get together in a 360-degree virtual space and hang out.

cortana 1.2 screen

Master Windows 10's secret, powerful natural language search tools

Searching for files on your PC is easy in Windows 10 thanks to Cortana's powerful natural language search.

windows 10 hp stream

Microsoft wants your phone to wirelessly log you into your Windows 10 PC

Microsoft is working on an upgraded Authenticator app for Windows 10 mobile that will let you login to Windows 10 PCs wirelessly with one tap.

ASRock fatal1ty b150 gaming k4hyperl3

ASRock workaround brings overclocking back to non-overclockable Skylake chips

Intel's cops are gone, and ASRock is turning the music back up. It's time to get overclocking once again.


Skype integration lands in OneDrive online

Microsoft continues to deeply integrate Skype into its productivity apps.OneDrive is just the latest addition.

mapswindows10 1

How to download local maps for offline use in Windows 10

Don't let an unpredictable Internet connection keep you from where you're going—Windows 10 lets you download maps to use offline.

Firefox plush private browsing mask

How to seize control of your privacy with Mozilla's Firefox browser

Mozilla’s open-source Firefox browser is probably the best choice for keeping your data away from prying eyes. Here's how to maximize your privacy with minimal annoyance.

microsoft onenote logo primary

Onetastic add-in for OneNote puts your notes in a calendar

Onetastic's OneCalendar is a great way to view your notes organized by date.

ssdupgrade orig new crop

More space! How Windows 10's storage analysis helps you free up your hard drive

Windows 10 has a great high-level tool to analyze what's taking up all that drive space. Here's how to use it.

Palmer Luckey

Oculus Rift founder reiterates: Apple's Macs can't handle VR

Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey says the company won't bring the Rift headset to Macs, because the machines don't make the grade.


Microsoft adds Sway integration to Windows 10's Photos app

Microsoft's tying its services closer together by adding Sway integration to the Windows 10 Photos app.

punishing pc games hero

The best PC game video capture software: 5 free recording tools compared

If you want to record video of your PC games, there's a slew of software that can help you do it. We take a look at five of the best game capture programs around.


Google's new Hands Free payment app lets you buy stuff with your face

Not content with Android Pay, Google is upping the stakes with a new payment system called Hands Free.