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Ads may hit Gmail's Android app soon, teardown reveals

A thorough examination of a leaked version of the next Gmail Android app suggests ads are finally hitting your mobile inbox.

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New proof-of-concept tool detects stealthy malware hiding in graphics cards

Which is scarier: The fact that malware can get cozy in your hardware, or the fact that it was completely undetectable until now?

Google Open Project beams Android apps to any Net-connected display

A new Google research project has developed a hardware-free way to project your smartphone screen to a connected display.

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How to use the new Android remote lock option

The final brick in the Android Device Manager wall is set with the arrival of remote password resets.

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Easy Button meets home automation with Staples Connect

Staples is rolling out an expandable home automation system designed to cut consumer confusion.

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Netflix's online-only 'House of Cards' snags three Emmys

Winning an Emmy is always a big deal, but 'House of Cards' is the first online-only show to ever snag the coveted award.

New Sony Bravia Smart Stick donglefies Google TV

It's like Chromecast, only more potent and five times the cost.

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One Up vs. the world: How does Sprint's new annual upgrade plan stack up?

Sprint announced a new annual upgrade plan just in time for the new iPhones, and it's one of the best deals around.

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shot of Youtube on an iPhone

YouTube mobile apps to go offline in November (in a good way)

Offline viewing is coming to YouTube, but the fine details remain murky.

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Katy Perry, Jon Hamm, and Britney Spears top list of most dangerous web celebs

These star-studded search results are rife with scams and security breaches.

Bing gets a Modern makeover and smarter search results

To fight Google, you must become Google, it seems.

Rdio to rock free, ad-supported tunes by end of 2013 thanks to radio partnership

Rdio just partnered with the U.S.'s second-largest radio provider, and free, ad-supported rocking could be in the cards by the end of 2013.

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Netflix turns to pirates to pick new shows

Want to know what shows will land on Netflix in the future? Just check out The Pirate Bay's top 100 torrents.

Everything you need to know about preordering an iPhone 5c

All the major U.S. carriers have the iPhone 5c up for preorder, but the details differ. Here's everything you need to know.

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Microsoft dangles $200 gift cards to coax iPad owners to swap for a Surface

But don't forget: The second generation of Surface tablets is coming soon.