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Ian is an independent writer based in Tel Aviv, Israel. His current focus is on all things tech including mobile devices, desktop and laptop computers, software, social networks, Web apps, tech-related legislation and corporate tech news.

instagram new logo

New Instagram feature for iOS makes it easier to share photos from other apps

Instagram recently added sharing extensions functionality to its iOS app. Now, you can share photos from third-party apps directly to Instagram.

windows10 stream xbox games

Xbox One games may come to Windows 10 PCs

A new report says Xbox One games may one day be playable on Windows 10 PCs.

Lenovo Cortana REACHit integration

How to use Cortana and Lenovo's ReachIt to find files strewn across your digital life

Lenovo's Reachit integrates with Cortana to search your local hard drive and various online accounts.

2016 224 stock mwc 5g sign1

AT&T's 5G ambitions expand, adding Middletown, NJ to its trial sites

5G isn't ready yet, but AT&T is aggressively leading its development for the next big leap in cellular technology. Middletown, NJ will be its next city to test the new technologies 5G will need.


Gigabyte just showed an eGPU with Thunderbolt/USB-C for easier laptop external graphics

The first generation of eGPUs had proprietary connectors that limited their reach. A new crop of models with Thunderbolt 3/USB Type-C could help eGPUs become a viable product.

oulook on hololens 2

Now HoloLens lets you check your mail in a wall-sized mixed reality version of Outlook

Now you can check your email or make a calendar appointment without removing Microsoft's augmented reality headset.

zotac steam machine

Valve's Steam Machines aren't gaining steam, but they inspired wonderful creations

The Steam Machine is an interesting concept, but it's not the device PC gamers are looking for.

windows 10 hp aio

How to add a Hibernate option to the Windows 10 Start menu

Windows 10 doesn't include Hibernate in the shut-down options by default, but it's easy enough to add it.

Synaptics's low-cost USB fingerprint reader could bring Windows Hello to old PCs

Your five-year old laptop may be able to use Windows Hello relatively cheaply if Synaptics has its way.

The Lumia 950

New Windows 10 Mobile preview brings phone notifications to your PC

It landed on Android first, but now Cortana on the latest preview build of Windows 10 Mobile can send app notifications to your computer.

Google Fiber van

Google builds Chromecast support into Fiber TV cable boxes

Forget the Chromecast dongle, if you have Fiber TV your set-top box will do the same thing--almost.

windows hello

Log in to your Windows 10 PC with your fitness tracker

During Computex, Microsoft showed off an upcoming feature for Windows Hello that lets you log in to your Windows 10 PC with wearable devices.


BBC's Micro:bit maker board goes on sale for under $20

The BBC micro:bit programmable, single-board computer is now on sale to all for around $19.

bifrost liquid cooler block dark

Riotoro emerges with PC power supplies, liquid cooling gear, and gaming keyboards

Riotoro is a new company founded by former Corsair and Nvidia employees that used Computex to fill out its product line.


Corsair reveals a liquid-cooled GTX 1080, DDR4 RAM with staggering clock speeds, and mag-lev PC fans

Corsair's new component toys will make summer 2016 the summer of the gamer.