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Sony's Xperia Tablet Z: Kitchen Edition comes stocked with foodie-friendly extras

Sony's Xperia Tablet Z: Kitchen Edition comes with everything but the proverbial sink.

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samsung galaxy note 3

Future Samsung smartphones will have 64-bit processors, too

After Apple announced its 64-bit A7 mobile processors earlier this week, Samsung's jumping on board the bandwagon, too.

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Trade-in market for older smartphones gets more competitive

As Apple and Wal-Mart enter the trade-in market, NextWorth ups its game, anticipating swarms of older phones being traded by users to fund new iPhones.

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Made in the USA: Moto X manufacturing facility opens its doors on Google Street View

While Apple was announcing its iPhones, Motorola was busy showing off its American Moto X manufacturing facilities

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New Cyanogen Accounts bring beefed-up security to the popular Android ROM

Rooting your phone just got a bit more appealing for the security conscious.

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Amazon has no plans to release a free smartphone

After a hot rumor blazed about a free Kindle phone being released in 2013, Amazon moved quickly to douse the flames/

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Meet the PS Vita TV, a $100 Apple TV clone that plays nice with Sony's PlayStation line

Everyone thought Microsoft was going to be the first console maker to jump into the streaming set-top box arena, but surprise! It's Sony.

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Hands-on: Evernote 5 for Windows packs new features and a fresh coat of paint

Change is a-comin' for Evernote users, but it's change for the better.

Phone makers roll their own operating systems as Google and Microsoft close ranks

As Microsoft and Google snatch up Nokia and Motorola to create integrated, iPhone-like hardware/software experiences, hardware makers like HTC and Samsung scramble to create safe havens.

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Amazon's Kindle MatchBook turns past print purchases into low-cost ebooks

It's yet another step in Amazon's merging of the physical and digital worlds—and another ploy for platform lock-in.

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Spotify Connect is like Chromecast for connected audio systems

Spotify's newly announced Connect service hands your music stream off to Connect-enabled speakers, but it's only for premium subscribers.

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Legal ruling

Ka-ching! Amazon explains benefits from ebook price-fixing settlement

The settlement over ebook price-fixing could mean that you might be eligible to receive a payout for certain ebooks you've purchased.

The ten most embarrassing, exploitative, soul-killing, downright dangerous tech jobs

Think your job stinks? Hope it isn't one of these.

Mobile phones, meet uncrackable quantum cryptography

Researchers claim to have developed a way to bring photon-bending quantum cryptography to mobile phones, creating a nearly uncrackable connection

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Pay what you want for the Humble Comedy Bundle's DRM-free laughs

Hollywood may fear the transition to digital, but comedians aren't scared to follow online gold, and with the Humble Comedy Bundle, charities are the benefactor. Pay what you

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