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Ian is an independent writer based in Tel Aviv, Israel. His current focus is on all things tech including mobile devices, desktop and laptop computers, software, social networks, Web apps, tech-related legislation and corporate tech news.

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Spotify's family plan goes toe-to-toe with Apple and Google

Spotify's family plan now offers six premium memberships for $15 per month, equaling those of Apple Music and Google Play Music.

lumia 950

From bad to worse: The sad reality about Windows Phones

Windows 10 Mobile is still under active development, but nobody's buying—and Microsoft seems to be okay with that.


Purism's privacy-focused 2-in-1 is loaded with open software and hardware kill switches

Purism is back with another crowdfunding campaign to make its free software-focused devices a reality. This time it's an 11.6-inch tablet with detachable keyboard.

Older Chromebooks won't get the Play Store, even if they're able to run Android apps

Google doesn't want older Chromebooks to run the Play Store, but the limitations don't appear to be technical.

onedrive logo primary

Why you should use the OneDrive app in Windows 10

The OneDrive Windows Store app for Windows 10 makes viewing offloaded files easier.


Chromebooks surge past Macs in the U.S. for the first time

Chromebooks outsold Macs in the early months of 2016, according to IDC. But the victory comes with a few caveats.

google vs cortana vs hound

Why Windows Insiders are seeing Android notifications on their PCs

Cortana's deep link between Android and Windows 10 PCs is starting to show up among testers in the wild. Windows 10 Mobile is still unpopular, so Microsoft's trying to keep a hand in by offering services and apps to Android and iOS.


Netflix's Fast.com download tester takes its war against slow ISPs directly to the user

Netflix’s war against poor speeds from Internet service providers (ISPs) has a new weapon: The company's Fast.com utility can tell you the download speed between your home and Netflix's servers.

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Android N at Google I/O: No new features announced, so Google turned to name-calling

Google wants your input on what Android N should be named when it rolls out later this summer, so choose wisely.

Lumia 640 front top

Microsoft just implied it may never release another Lumia

Was the Lumia 650 the end of the line for Lumia handsets? Looks like it.

win7sp1 wu

Giant Windows 7 roll-up patch takes the headache out of updating a new PC

More than five years of updates for Windows 7 in a single package. It's about time.

lumia 950

New Windows 10 Mobile preview adds handy web features, but kills Wi-Fi Sense

The latest Windows 10 Mobile preview build kills Wi-Fi Sense, and makes it easier to navigate on Microsoft Edge.

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Touch-friendly Windows 10 OneDrive app launches with placeholder-like functionality

You hated it in Windows 8, but the OneDrive universal app for Windows 10 is a helpful alternative to placeholders.

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Beat Google to the punch: Make Flash on Chrome click-to-play right now

Adobe Flash is going click-to-play in late 2016, but you don't have to wait until then to stop Flash from autoplaying.


The Raspberry Pi Zero mini-PC adds a camera connector, still costs just $5

Now you can do even more with the Raspberry Pi Zero thanks to the addition of a camera connector.