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iPhoneography: The Art of iPhone Photography

Armed with iPhones and digital editing software, these 13 artists have turned a smartphone into a creative canvas.


Beware of Cost-Cutting Tech Measures

A small business switches to a lower-cost Internet and phone provider, but ends up wasting time and money

Symantec: Change Your Facebook Password Now!

Leaked application tokens can give third parties access to Facebook users' personal info and the ability to post to their walls

Stupid User Tricks 5: IT's Weakest Link

Flaming laptops, nosy mothers, and server racks sent tumbling down stairs: These seven real-world tales tell of IT brain fail.

Ballmer: I'm Not Going to WWDC

The Microsoft CEO was rumored to be speaking at Apple's developer conference about Visual Studio 2010 accommodating the iPhone OS

Nine Real-Life IT Horror Stories

IT horror never ends: more real-world disasters, courtesy of your network's weakest link.

IPhone to Get Some BlackBerry-like Security

Ever since it arrived, the iPhone has been criticized for not meeting key enterprise needs.


10 Future Shocks for the Next 10 Years

A look back at the changes wrought by technology since 1978 boggles the mind. The extended InfoWorld family predicts the shocking developments we can expect between now and 2018.


One-Third of New PC Buyers Opt for XP

New data finds 1 in 3 business PCs pass on Vista to get Windows XP under Microsoft's "downgrade" offer.


A Requiem for Windows XP

InfoWorld's contributors remember the pros, and a few cons, of the most popular version of Windows to date.