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Is Google Evil? The Jury Is Out

Google's changes to its privacy policy should have been expected. It's what any corporation intent on maximizing value would do. But does that make it right?

Facebook Needs Customer Service to Woo Businesses

Analysis: The company is making billions, and its real assets are all of us users that it's constantly abusing.

Mobile Payment Systems: A Disaster Waiting to Happen

The apps may be well thought out, but until security improves in the underlying security of the devices they run on, look out.


China's Google Hack Shouldn't Surprise Anyone

As Google threatens to leave China, many get the impression that Google is protecting its Web mail subscribers and itself. In reality, it's unlikely that leaving will accomplish either.

Will There Be an Electronic Pearl Harbor?

Could there be a strategic attack on computer infrastructures? It's possible.

Suspicionless Laptop Searches Wrong for Many Reasons

I have generally supported the government's border search policies. But I am horrified by the recent DHS Privacy Office's approval of searches of electronic...

'Hackers Wanted' Ad Fed Security Misconception

I should never be surprised at things related to government security efforts, but I did think the concept of hiring hackers was dead.