Security Manager's Journal: Security Training on the Cheap

With no budget, our manager has to devise a security awareness and training program on his own.

Shrinking IT Staff Leaves Security Projects in the Lurch

Analysis: I got the budget I need to buy security technologies, and I bought the products, but they're not installed yet because we don't have people available to do it.

Not Even Security Managers Immune to FakeAV Infection

Analysis: Can you believe it? As I sat down this morning to write this column, I got hit by a drive-by download of FakeAV.

Security That Doesn't Get in the Way

I was on the road last week, attending the RSA security conference in San Francisco, which is a great place to run into colleagues. Afterwards, I visited Disneyland, which, despite being in the same state, is surprisingly far away. What do these places have in common? Security.

Coming Through for the Business

Sometimes, the security manager doesn't have to be the bad guy.

Assessing the IT Plan for the New Year

Going into my second year as my company's security manager, I've been spending some time planning my next steps. Here's what I'll focus on for 2011.