Lost in Translation: 10 Funny Foreign Tech Ads

Put down your TiVo remote: These 10 foreign tech ads are well worth watching. Trust us.

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Why Do iPhone Users Envy Android Users?

A research report looks at what features prospective smartphone buyers wish Apple's new iPhone 4 included. Here's what's on the wish list.

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Android 2.2 'Froyo' Update: The Official Word from Google

Google has now confirmed it's rolling out the Android 2.2 upgrade to Nexus One users near and far.

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Android 2.2 Unleashed for Nexus One -- Who's Next?

Numerous Nexus One users started receiving Google's Android 2.2 upgrade over-the-air on their devices Wednesday night; the start of a widespread Android 2.2 rollout may not be far behind.

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Microsoft Office 2010: Questions and Answers

Microsoft has officially unveiled its Office 2010 software suite, and the upgrade boasts plenty of changes.

Has the RIAA's Fight Against File Sharing Gone Too Far?

Jammie Thomas, a Minnesota mom, faces a $1.92 million fine for allegedly downloading a handful of copyrighted songs. Is $80,000 a song constitutional?

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