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JR is a syndicated writer who regularly appears in PCWorld, Computerworld, InfoWorld, and places that serve custard. He's the author of the Android Power blog and the co-founder of eSarcasm.

Sprint's New Smartphone Fee -- How 'Bout a Little Honesty?

Memo to Sprint: If you want to raise your smartphone rates, just raise 'em -- don't play games and make us guess how much we're going to pay.

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Myspace For Sale? Who Would Want to Buy Myspace?

Start saving up your cash, compadres: Myspace is officially up for grabs. But honestly, why would anyone want to buy it?

Verizon iPhone Arrives: Is Android In Trouble?

The Verizon iPhone is finally a reality -- so will its arrival spell certain doom for Google's Android platform?

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Android Honeycomb: A Detailed Tour of Google's Tablet OS

Google's new Android Honeycomb OS will offer a whole new kind of tablet experience. Here's the lowdown on what it's all about and what it'll bring to the table.

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HTC EVO Shift vs. Sprint's Original EVO 4G

Sprint's new HTC EVO Shift is pretty different from that other EVO device. Here's a side-by-side comparison.

Android 3.0: Coming In March?

Another new version of Android may be right around the corner. A report published this week says Google's Android 3.0 will arrive in March.

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Want Swype for Android? Now's Your Chance

Swype, a popular Android keyboard replacement, is now accepting new users -- but only for a limited time.

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Google Chrome

Using Google's minimalist Web browser is a unique experience.

Google Launches New 'Body Browser'

A new Google tool lets you explore the human body in fully layered, three-dimensional detail. Here's a hands-on tour.

Gawker Hack Exposes Ridiculous Password Habits

Wondering what kinds of passwords people use across the Web? This week's massive Gawker hack is giving us a glimpse--and it sure isn't a pretty picture.

Google's Chrome Web Store: A Hands-On Tour

Google's new Chrome Web Store offers hundreds of apps that run right in your browser. Here's a first look at how it all works.

Google's Chrome 8: What's New, What's Next

Google's just released a new version of its Chrome Web browser -- and the update paves the way for some big things ahead.

Kinect Sex: Coming Soon to a Console Near You?

Hackers are already looking at ways to use Microsoft's Kinect for sexual purposes. Oh, come on -- are you really that surprised?

The Best Black Friday Apps For Android

These five free Android apps will make your Black Friday shopping experience easier and more productive than ever.

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Myspace's Facebook 'Mashup' -- Why Bother?

Myspace will now let you "mash up" your Facebook profile on Myspace.com. But seriously -- does anyone really care at this point?