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JR is a syndicated writer who regularly appears in PCWorld, Computerworld, InfoWorld, and places that serve custard. He's the author of the Android Power blog and the co-founder of eSarcasm.

What Google's NFC Android Phones Will Mean For You

Google's next generation of Android phones will include a new kind of technology called Near Field Communication, or NFC. Here's a primer on what it'll actually do for your device.

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The Nexus S and Google: Everything There Is To Know

The leaks are flying fast -- so what's the real deal with Samsung's Nexus S? Here's a complete (though completely unofficial) primer on the hotly anticipated Android device.

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Google Instant Previews: A Hands-On Tour

Google's got a little something new to make your next Web search even speedier. Here's a hands-on look at Google Instant Previews.

5 Strange But True Ways to Find a Job

In a world of polished résumés and carefully rehearsed interviews, sometimes a new job can pop up in the most unexpected place.

Verizon's Android App Store: Everything There Is To Know

Verizon's Android app store will start appearing on selected phones next week. So what's it really all about, and what'll it mean for you? Here's the full scoop.

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Violent Video Game Ban Could Set Dangerous Precedent

Should the government regulate sales of violent video games? The U.S. Supreme Court is weighing the issue--and its decision could have a serious impact on the future of First Amendment rights.

Why Apple's 11-Inch MacBook Air Is TSA-Approved

The TSA says Apple's new 11-inch MacBook Air can stay in your bag when you pass through airport security. So what sets it apart from other noncheckpoint-friendly notebooks?

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Unlock Android's Multimedia Muscle

No iTunes? No problem. Here's everything you need to know about managing multimedia on your Android device.

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Sex.com and the World's Most Expensive Domain Names

Sex.com just sold for a reported $13 million (whew!). So what other domain names can fetch that kind of cash?

Verizon Tiered Data: Should You Switch Your Smartphone Plan?

Verizon's new tiered data plan will reportedly offer a cheaper option for smartphone users. So is it worth making the switch?

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Apple: No Sex or Drugs With Your Rock 'n' Roll

Hot off the heels of a controversial sext-censoring patent, Apple is extending its smut-squashing authority into the realm of music.

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Microsoft's Windows Phone 7: No Tablets For You

Don't expect to see the Windows Phone 7 software popping up on tablets anytime soon; Microsoft has something else in mind.

Google TV: Exciting, But Expensive

The list of features for Google TV is sky-high -- but if you want the full Web-TV experience, you'd better be ready to pay the full price.

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Skype's Android App: A Disappointing Debut

Analysis: Skype's first stab at Android is a convoluted mess of unexplained options and unreasonable restrictions.

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Android Now Ties iPhone In Consumer Interest

A new report finds Android has matched the iPhone when it comes to consumer interest. If recent trends are any indication, it won't be long before Apple's prized product is eating Google's dust.

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