Mobile app sales forecast to reach $27 billion this year

ABI Research says Apple and Android are the clear leaders, but in a growing market opportunity remains for other platforms.

4G pricing competitive in Hong Kong, Norway and the US

According to ABI Research, the world's cheapest 4G data plan is currently on offer by CSL Hong Kong.

Consumers in Asia Willing to Pay More for Green Products

Businesses in Asia are underestimating customer awareness and demand for green products, according to a survey.

More Than 30 Million Vulnerabilities on Computers Worldwide

There are some 32 million vulnerabilities found in computers worldwide, simply because users are not updating their software, according to a report.

Beware of Social Networking Sites

Most fans of Facebook don't realize the jeopardy to their privacy and personal data.

Tips for More Efficient Collaboration

IBM launches a "Smart Work" program with tools to promote easier collaboration from near and far.

Hong Kong Gets the Most Spam

Report also reveals that geographic location determines the time of day when people receive spam.

Online Ads Entice When Budgets are Tight, Study Says

Online advertising is growing at a steady clip and is even preferred over traditional ads for some markets, according to a Frost & Sullivan study.

VMware Rolls out VMware View 3

Virtualisation specialist VMware has released its virtual desktop manager VMware View 3, which it claims can help solve the 'desktop dilemma'.

Apps More Vulnerable than OS, Report Says

Windows stands up better to malware, even as Microsoft's applications increasingly become hackers' target.

Welcome to Web 3.0: Semantic Searches

A new breed of semantic search technology will upset the ubiquitous but often inaccurate keyword method, analysts say.

Asian Markets Boost Cell Phone Sales

Emerging markets in Asia are expected to push cell phone sales over the 1 billion mark by 2012, say analysts.

Wanted: Long-Lived Smartphone Batteries

As phones gain capabilities, they need more power--prompting users to demand increased battery capacity, a study says.

Beware Olympic Spam Bearing Storm Worm

A security firm warns of e-mail promising Olympic information but instead delivering malware.

Malware is Getting Smarter, F-Secure Warns

Security vendor F-Secure cautions against new, efficient malware and other pests.