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Relive Curiosity's greatest accomplishments from its first year on Mars

Happy birthday, Curiosity! Join us as we recount the biggest achievements of NASA's latest rover from over the past year.

NASA celebrates Curiosity's first year on Mars with this highlight reel

Relive Curiosity's first year on Mars with this two-minute video from NASA. It's almost like being there. Almost.

Augmented reality blocks let you play with the elements without goggles or gloves

This augmented reality app in the works will let you see the result of chemical reactions without losing your eyebrows. Whew.

Move over, Wii Fit: This virtual reality love letter to Paperboy is a real workout

Combine virtual reality, a motion sensor and some exercise equipment for a remake of a classic video game that's sure to make you sweat.

Help decide the final ship in this proposed Lego FTL set

You can have a say in what ships make the cut for this proposed Lego set based on the game FTL.

You can't waltz around Saturn, but this video will make you want to

Fabio di Donato's video mixes orchestra music with images of Saturn, and it makes for quite a combination.

Lego and Arduino come together to make one powerful RC car

A high-schooler built an RC car out of Lego kits, Arduino boards and other electronic parts—and shows you how you can make your own.

Internet memes come to life as these adorable plush toys

No, you can't have Grumpy Cat, but you can have these meme-inspired plush toys (provided the Kickstarter project meets its goal, anyway).

Back to the Future Lego set shifts into drive as its release nears

You will soon be able to get yours hands on a Lego model of the DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future. Sadly, it won't be able to go 88 miles per hour.

Piranha Plant Pops are the candification of one of Mario’s greatest foes

Luckily for Mario, you can eat these Piranha Plant Pops; they won't eat you.

Sharknado takes the world by storm, gets rewarded with a Lego recreation

Yep, you read that right: One guy made a Lego rendition of the most ridiculous movie of the year.

Cube Cities flies through the years with animated growth of major cities

It’s strange to think that about a century ago, the entire landscape of the big city has undergone a dramatic transformation. That’s where Cube Cities’ growth animations become not only a valuable resource, but also an incredible spectacle.

Play all your old games in three dimensions with 3-D Vision

Although TV prices have dropped significantly over the past several years, 3D TVs are still a bit pricey and are still limited to movies and games that have already been converted into 3D. Gene Dolgoff wants to change that.

Space Invaders mingle with the USS Enterprise in this awesome 3D chalk art

Got a minute? Why not watch chalk artist Chris Carlson draw the bridge of the Starship Enterprise with a view of some very dangerous invaders?

Nerf sentry gun might be the nerdiest home security system ever

Until now, I’ve never wanted to own a sentry gun, but Instructables user BrittLiv has built one that fires Nerf bullets. Now I’m reconsidering.