RIM Counters PlayBook Critics

A splashy sendoff highlights apps, versatile roles as the PlayBook heads to stores next week.

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Dell XPS Laptops Add Premium Audio, 3D Video, Sandy Bridge Processors

Release dates for Dell's refreshed XPS laptops have turned into a moving target, and all the specs haven't been quite clear. Yet Dell on Tuesday suddenly announced immediate US availability for both the 15- and 17-inch models, along with a finalized feature set that now officially includes 3D video.

Ocosmos Intros Tiny Windows 7 Computer for Gaming and Work

Analysis: The 5- and 7-inch Windows 7 tablets are geared to folks who want to combine serious gaming for fun with their day jobs.

Sony Fights 3D Skeptics

Analysis: Arrival of 3D TV shows will lure consumers to 3D hardware, Sony exec says while showing off newest wares.

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ViewSonic’s 4-inch Android Device: Phone or a Tablet?

Analysis: ViewSonic expands its tablet line with a smaller edition.

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Samsung Previews Slider Tablet, Air-Like Ultraportable

The computer maker's 13-inch notebook looks a bit like a MacBook Air, while its slider is more reminiscent of the original Droid smartphone, with a keyboard that slides out from underneath its touchscreen.

Lenovo Intros Consumer Laptops and Desktops by the Dozen at CES

Lenovo’s product rollouts at CES 2011 will also include new IdeaCentre PCs that could help to reimagine the all-in-one category by adding fresh features for TV watching, gaming, and 3D entertainment.

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Barnes & Noble Takes the Wraps Off of Nookcolor and Android Developers Program

Barnes & Noble unveils Nookcolor, Nook Kids, and an application development program for Android.

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Dell Launches XPS Laptops with 3DTV Play and Optimus

The laptops come loaded with advanced features including Intel Core i-series processors, a 2-megapixel HD Webcam and JBL 2.0 speakers with a Waves MaxxAudio enhancement.

iRobot Sneak Peek: JamBots, LanDroids, and TransPhibians

A tech showcase hosts developments in robotics inspired by Rosie and other friendly and helpful futuristic bots.

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Lenovo Celebrates 60 Millionth ThinkPad With Optimus Graphics

Lenovo will outfit three models of T Series laptops with Optimus, a technology aimed at automatically switching between a built-in discrete graphics chipset and an integrated graphics chipset, for faster PC performance and longer battery life.

Fujifilm 3D Camera Comes of Age in Second Incarnation

Point-and-shoot FinePix Real 3D W3 camera lets people display 3D photos on either a 3D TV or a PC.

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Samsung Galaxy S: It's All About Choices

Samsung touts its new phone's screen, speed, and content -- but freedom of choice in wireless networks and smartphone form factors are the device's most important draws.

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Dell Unveils Colorful Inspiron Laptops

Analysis: Besides brushed-metal color and chrome accents, these Inspirons offer usability improvements requested by consumers.

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Phone.com Launches Advanced Calling Features for Android and iPhones

Today is the official launch date for a pair of mobile software applications from Phone.com aimed at giving users of Android handsets, iPhones and other smartphones sophisticated telephone and VOiP calling features that might otherwise coat a boatload of money.

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