Jacqueline EmighTechnologizer

Jacqueline Emigh (pronounced "Amy") is a veteran New York City-based writer, with thousands of published articles to her credit. Beyond her activities in freelancing for many of the tech industry's leading web sites, she has also worked as a full-time editor at TechTarget, BetaNews, and Ziff Davis.

RIM Counters PlayBook Critics

A splashy sendoff highlights apps, versatile roles as the PlayBook heads to stores next week.

Dell XPS Laptops Add Premium Audio, 3D Video, Sandy Bridge Processors

Release dates for Dell's refreshed XPS laptops have turned into a moving target, and all the specs haven't been quite clear. Yet Dell on Tuesday suddenly announced immediate US availability for both the 15- and 17-inch models, along with a finalized feature set that now officially includes 3D video.