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Jaikumar Vijayan is a freelance technology writer specializing in computer security and privacy topics. Disclosure: He also writes for Hewlett-Packad's marketing website TechBeacon.

Lockheed Cagey About Reported Data Breach

Reports surface that the defense contractor is grappling with a major internal computer network problem with widespread effects.

Honda Canada Warns Customers of Data Breach

Honda Canada has warned its customers that their personal data may have been exposed in a breach of its systems.

Say Something, Sony

Sony's deafening silence in the midst of a snowballing security nightmare is puzzling to say the least.

Sony Must Secure Networks, Analysts Say

The continuing attacks on Sony-owned networks suggest the company must move quickly to secure porous systems, analysts say.

Sony BMG Greece Hit by Hacker

Hackers have broken into Sony systems in Greece, marking the fourth time in a month that systems run by the company have been compromised.

LimeWire Settlement Unlikely to Blunt Music Piracy

LimeWire's agreement to pay $105 million to settle piracy claims is seen as a victory for the recording industry, but experts say it will do little to stop music piracy.

Obama Pushes Cybersecurity Plan

Cybersecurity proposals submitted to Congress this week contain little that was new or unexpected.

Facebook Denies Privacy Breach Allegations by Symantec

No personal data could have been passed to third parties, company says

LastPass Says Users No Longer Have to Reset Passwords

LastPass Friday rescinded its day-old order that all users of its online password management system reset their master passwords due to a database breach.

LastPass Alerts Users About Potential Master Password Breach

LastPass, an online password management provider, is forcing its users to change their master passwords after detecting what it described as a "traffic anomaly."

Texas Comptroller Takes Blame for Major Breach

Texas Comptroller Susan Combs takes responsibility for major breach of systems in her office, and outlined changes to be made to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Sony Hack Highlights Importance of Breach Analysis

Sony's apparent difficulty in figuring out the extent of the damage from the recent intrusion into its PlayStation Network, while frustrating for those affected by it, is not too surprising given the bag of tricks that hackers employ to hide their tracks.

Security Firm Founder Kaspersky's Son Reportedly Kidnapped in Russia

Several news services are reporting that the son of Eugene Kaspersky, founder of the Moscow-based security firm Kaspersky Labs, has been kidnapped for ransom in Russia.

The Face of Cyberwar

Digital battles are likely to come as denial-of-service attacks and phishing rather than an attack on the power grid, a researcher says.

U.S. Can Conduct Offsite Searches of Computers Seized at Borders, Court Rules

A U.S. Court of Appeals has ruled that the government can confiscate computers from travelers at border locations, and then transport the devices to distant locations for inspection.