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Apple May Shake Up Mobile Payment Trends

The huge installed base of iPad users could disrupt the mobile payment industry with too much love, analysts say.

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Facebook's Zuckerberg Gets Quizzed by Congress

Lawmakers have sent another letter to the Facebook executive questioning the site's data-sharing practices.

Govt May Soon Force Banks to Impose New Online Authentication Steps

The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) could soon release new guidelines for banks to use when authenticating users to online banking

WikiLeaks Said to Draw More from P2P Than Leaks

WikiLeaks officials deny claims by a security firm that it has obtained some sensitive documents on P2P networks rather than from anonymous whistleblowers.

Keyless Systems on Cars Are Easily Hacked

The passive keyless entry and start systems supported by many modern cars are susceptible to attacks that allow thieves to relatively easily steal the vehicles.

Three Fired for Accessing Records of Tucson Shooting Victims

Three employees at Tucson's University Medical Center have been fired for improperly accessing victims' medical records.

WikiLeaks.org is Back

Wikileaks.org, the whistleblower organization's main Web site, is back up in the U.S.

Hacker Group Defends Attacks on WikiLeaks Foes

The loosely-knit Anonymous hacker group Friday called its attacks against perceived foes of WikiLeaks a symbolic protest.

Anonymous Attacks Amazon, Fails

The loosely-knit group of hackers dubbed Anonymous today apparently failed in its effort to launch a DDoS attack on Amazon.com.

MasterCard Affected in Attacks Over WikiLeaks

The attacks against MasterCard by WikiLeaks supporters that knocked the credit card company's Web site offline today may have caused more problems than previously thought.

WikiLeaks Nearly Immune to Takedown, Says Researcher

Efforts to slow or halt the release of sensitive documents by WikiLeaks have only made the whstleblower site add strong protections from a potential takeover...

WikiLeaks Sets Sights on Major U.S. Bank, Founder Says

WikiLeaks will soon release internal documents from a major U.S.-based bank, its founder told Forbes.com Monday.

White House Orders Review in Wake of Wikileaks Disclosure

The White House has ordered all federal agencies to review systems for protecting sensitive data due to the latest release of potentially damaging classified information on Wikileaks.

China Probably Didn't Hijack the Internet on Purpose, Researcher Says

A rerouting's "scattershot nature" supports an error, not sabotage, an Internet traffic monitoring firm suggests.

Report Sounds Alarm on China's Rerouting of U.S. Internet Traffic

A report submitted to Congress on Wednesday by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission expressed concerns over what the commission claims is China's ability to manipulate Internet traffic.