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Intel-McAfee Deal Puzzles Security Analysts

At first glance, acquisition of security software firm appears to make little sense for chip giant Intel.

Linux Compliance Program a Response to Surging Open Source Use

The Open Compliance Program announced by the Linux Foundation on Tuesday is a response to the surging growth in the use of open source technologies.

China Called a Hacker's Marketplace

Malware is openly available in China, researchers at the Black Hat conference report.

Fake Femme Fatale Shows Social Network Risks

Social networking pages featuring the profile of a fake Navy cyber threat analyst attracted some 300 friends in the intelligence, military and security.

Colorado Warns Businesses of ID Theft Scam

Scammers have been forging business identities to make fraudulent purchases, the state warns.

Oracle Releases 59 Patches for Security Flaws, Three Critical

Oracle Corp. released 59 patches on Tuesday to fix security vulnerabilities across its entire range of database, application and middleware products.

Blizzard Retreats from ID Plan After Users Gripe

Gaming giant Activision is bowing to its customers, who prefer anonymity when posting on World of Warcraft and StarCraft forums.

NSA's Cyberattack Alert Plan Draws Cautious Support

The NSA wants to insert sensors in computer networks that would be programmed to alert officials to a possible cyberattack.

Embattled LimeWire to Launch Subscription Music Service

LimeWire Inc. will launch a subscription-based music service for consumers.

Music Industry Hits LimeWire With Yet Another Lawsuit

Eight music publishers have sued LimeWire LLC of massive copyright infringement, even as a federal court in New York is considering a request by RIAA to shut the file-sharing software maker down over a similar complaint.

Supreme Court Ruling Lets Employers View Worker Text Messages With Reason

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the Ontario, Calif., police department has the right to search through personal text messages sent by employees on...

FTC Pushes Back Identity Theft Rules Deadline -- for Fifth Time

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has once again pushed back its enforcement deadline for an identity theft --lated regulation called the Red Flags Rule.

Border Searches of Laptops May Be Taken Off-site for Cause, Court Rules

A federal court in Michigan ruled that if a laptop search could not be performed at the U.S. border, the government has the right to seize and transport the...

LifeLock CEO Victim of Identity Theft 13 Times

A CEO who publicly posted his Social Security number on billboards and TV commercials as part of a campaign to promote his company's credit monitoring services was the victim of identity theft at least 13 times, a news report says.

Smart Credit Cards Arrive in U.S. -- Finally

Credit cards featuring smartcard technology have been standard fare in Europe and elsewhere for years -- but not in the U.S.,