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Conviction of Google Execs Alarms Privacy Advocates

Privacy advocates in the U.S and Europe called the sentence extremely troubling and said it creates a dangerous precedent.

FTC Warns of Widespread P2P Data Leaks

In what appears to be a warning shot, the Federal Trade Commission has sent out letters to about 100 companies, informing them about sensitive and confidential data being found on peer-to-peer networks.

Chinese Schools Fingered as Source of Past Cyberattacks

Recent hacks of Google and others may have come from the same source as worms and denial-of-service attacks in the past, reports say.

Over 75,000 Systems Compromised in Cyberattack

Security researchers have unearthed a massive botnet affecting at least 75,000 computers at 2,500 companies and government agencies worldwide.

Facebook Hit With Class Action Over Privacy Changes

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Facebook over changes that the social networking site made to its privacy settings last year.

Google, NSA Partnership Details Sought

Privacy advocates at EPIC file a formal request to learn what Google is doing for the feds on cybersecurity.

Google Taps NSA to Safeguard its Data

Privacy watchdogs are already raising concerns about search engine giant Google's reported alliance with the National Security Agency.

Facebook Comes out Swinging at Critics of Settlement Offer in Beacon Lawsuit

Facebook has come out swinging at those opposing a settlement offer it made last year in a privacy lawsuit involving the social networking companys...

House to Consider Cybersecurity Bill on Wednesday

The U.S. House of Representatives is scheduled to vote Wednesday on a proposed bill that is designed to bolster federal cybersecurity research and development...

Old Security Flaws Still a Major Cause of Breaches, Says Report

An over-emphasis on tackling new and emerging security threats may be causing companies to overlook older but far more frequently exploited vulnerabilities...