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Clinton to Challenge Internet Censorship in Policy Address

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will raise the issue of Google's ongoing battles in China in a broad policy address on Internet freedom she plans to...

Chinese Attacks Target U.S. Military Contractors, Says F-Secure

A security vendor reports that internal systems of U.S. defense contractors have been targeted by hackers believed based in China.

Online Banks Need Stronger Security, Analyst Says

User authentication and other common fraud-prevention tactics simply aren't working anymore, Gartner warns.

Adobe Flaw Wasn't Part of Attack on Google

A security vendor has retracted its accusation that a pdf vulnerability was part of the recent hacks on Google and others.

Alleged China Attacks Could Test U.S. Cybersecurity Policy

The attacks on Google and more than 30 other Silicon Valley companies by agents allegedly working for China raises a question: How should the U.S. government respond?

TSA Body Scanners Don't Protect Privacy, Group Says

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) says the Transportation Security Administration has overstated the privacy protections applied in the use of whole body scanners.

White House Calls on IT to Help 'Connect the Dots'

Report calls on the director of national intelligence to "accelerate information technology enhancements" in areas such as knowledge discovery, database integration and cross-database searches.

Heartland Breach Shows Why Compliance Is Not Enough

It's been nearly a year since Heartland Payment Systems disclosed what turned out to be the largest breach involving payment card data.

2009's Top 5 Data Disasters

From Internet leaks to lost hard drives, this year's security snafus are ordinary but still draw scrutiny of policies.

Court Throws out Lawsuit Against BJs Over '04 Data Breach

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court affirmed a lower court ruling dismissing a lawsuit brought against by BJs dozens of credit unions over a 2004 data breach.

TSA Leakers Put on Leave After Manual Appears Online

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told members of the Senate Judiciary Committee this morning that the breach was caused by a contract worker.

Judge: $675,000 Music Piracy Verdict Is Cause for Concern

A federal judge in Boston signed off on a $675,000 fine that a jury assessed against Boston University doctoral student Joel Tenenbaum for illegally sharing 30 songs.

Sprint Downplays Report It Shared GPS Data With Feds

Sprint Nextel is downplaying a blog report that it provided law enforcement authorities with customer GPS location data more than eight million times.

How to Lose Your Identity This Holiday Season

Looking to expose your personal data to online thieves? Follow these five easy steps — or better yet, use them as a cautionary tale.

Teen Jailed for Hacking Scientology Site

A New Jersey man was sentenced to a year in prison plus $37,500 fine for his role in a DDoS attack last year.