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Three Minutes with Microsoft's Security Guru

Don't judge Microsoft Security by the number of patch Tuesday bulletins, says Steve Lipner, director of security engineering.

Congressional Documents Leaked on P2P Service

Materials from House ethics committee studies were posted online for distribution on a P2P network.

Google Using 'Double Talk' on Cloud Security, Says Consumer Group

A consumer advocacy group that is opposed to a plan by Los Angeles to adopt Google's hosted e-mail and office applications is speaking out.

Adding Up Six Years of Microsoft Patch Tuesdays

In six years of Patch Tuesdays the tally is 400 security bulletins, more than half of which addressed vulnerabilities described by Microsoft as "critical."

Phishing Bust Spotlights Online Dangers

Analysis: The feds squashed a big scam last week, but the action highlights the huge problem with phishers.

Google Mends Android Security Hole

Malicious WAP Push messages targeted a now-patched vulnerability in the Android mobile OS.

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Operation Phish Phry Hooks 100 in U.S. and Egypt

More than 50 people in Southern California, Las Vegas, and Charlotte, N.C., were indicted by a grand jury in Los Angeles for scheming to steal bank account info.

Congress Weighs P2P File-Sharing Rules

Legislation would prohibit P2P software from plucking, sharing files without users' knowledge.

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Google, Bank End Dispute Over Gmail Account

A federal judge in California has vacated a temporary restraining order that directed Google to deactivate a Gmail account.

Bank Sues Google for Gmail User's Identity

After the bank accidentally sent confidential information on more than a thousand customers to the wrong Gmail address, it wants to know who reads that account.

How to Hack Facebook (for a Fee)

A security vendor has uncovered a site that will break into Facebook accounts for $100.

SEC Considers Putting Kibosh on 'Flash' Trading

Practice gives financial companies early access to stock trading information — fractions of a second before that information becomes available to the trading public.

Company Hosting Joe Wilson Fundraising Site Suffers DDoS Attack

A company providing online payment-processing services for U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C) is back online after being disrupted by a distributed denial-of-service attack.

Report: Obama Close to Appointing White House Cybersecurity Chief

More than three months after establishing a new White House office for cybersecurity, President Barack Obama may finally be close to appointing someone to oversee it.

Diebold Drops Troubled E-voting Machine

Company sells its U.S. election systems subsidiary to Election Systems & Software Inc. (ES&S) of Omaha, Neb.