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Jaikumar Vijayan is a freelance technology writer specializing in computer security and privacy topics. Disclosure: He also writes for Hewlett-Packad's marketing website TechBeacon.

Privacy Tussle Brews Over Social Media Monitoring

A major tussle is emerging in the debate over how government agencies can gather and use information posted publicly on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

FBI Says Social Media Monitoring Won't Infringe Privacy Rights

The FBI said its proposed plans to monitor social media sites to improve real-time situation awareness will be fully vetted by the agency's Privacy and Civil...

FDA Defends Monitoring Whistleblowers' Email

The FDA says it monitored the private email accounts of nine agency whistleblowers starting in 2010 to determine whether any of them leaked confidential information to the public.

FBI Declares Cloud Vendors Must Meet CJIS Security Rules

The FBI Tuesday reaffirmed its rule that all cloud products sold to to U.S. law enforcement agencies must comply with the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) security requirements.

Copyright Lawsuit Targets Owners of Non-secure Wireless Networks

A federal lawsuit filed in Massachusetts could test the question of whether individuals who leave their wireless networks unsecured can be held liable if someone uses the network to illegally download copyrighted content.

Lawsuit Raises Issue of E-Mail Privacy at Work

Whistleblowers say their private e-mails were extensively monitored after complained about irregularities at the FDA; did they have a reasonable expectation of privacy?

Lawmaker Pushes Consumer Notification Bill in Wake of Carrier IQ Concerns

U.S. Rep. Edward Markey has proposed a bill that would require all phone companies to notify consumers of any user tracking and monitoring software in their cell phones.