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Jaikumar Vijayan is a freelance technology writer specializing in computer security and privacy topics. Disclosure: He also writes for Hewlett-Packad's marketing website TechBeacon.

HP LaserJet Printers Vulnerable to Attacks, Researchers Warn

Millions of Hewlett Packard Co.'s LaserJet printers contain a security weakness that could allow attackers to take control of the systems, steal data from them and issue commands that could cause the devices to overheat and catch fire.

Hack Suspected for Illinois Water Pump Sabotage

Homeland Security investigates the cyberattack, while separately a hacker claims access to system at Houston utility.

FAQ: Is Online Piracy Act Overkill?

Some tech firms and activists fear SOPA gives content owners too much power to go after websites accused of copyright theft or sale of counterfeit goods.

CIA Monitors up to 5 Million Tweets Daily, Report Says

Twitter and Facebook are enabling the Central Intelligence Agency to get reliable, real-time assessments of public sentiment during rapidly changing events.

Supreme Court Set to Hear Landmark GPS Tracking Case

The U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday will begin hearing arguments in a landmark case involving the government's authority to use GPS tracking devices in criminal investigations without first obtaining a court order.

Opposition to Stop Online Piracy Act Grows

A coalition of technology trade groups Monday joined the growing chorus of voices opposing a recently filed anti-piracy bill that they contend is far too heavy-handed.


Wikileaks Suspends Operations, Cites Lack of Funds

Whistleblower site Wikileaks today announced that it was temporarily suspending operations due to financial constraints.