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Do We Love Our Smartphones Too Much?

Google Maps on an Apple iPhone can help you when you're lost. Sometimes, that's not the point.

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The Best Digital Camera, GPS, and Bags for Travelers

Browse our guide to the top gear for people on the go.

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The Best Laptops, Netbooks, and Smartphones for Travel

Why give precious carry-on bag space to portable electronics that don’t meet your needs? Here’s a look at the ideal laptop, netbooks, and smart phones for people on the go.

High-Speed Internet on a Plane: Where to Find It

Which airlines are most likely to keep you connected in the sky? Find out in our update.

Garmin Nuvi 1370T GPS Device

If you travel overseas, this could be the GPS device for you--as long as you can handle some of its limitations.

Using a Mobile Phone Overseas

Follow these tips to save money when you travel abroad with your Apple iPhone or other mobile phone.

Recharging Laptops, Netbooks, Gadgets Abroad

Here's what you need to know if you're traveling with a laptop, netbook, GPS device, or other portable gadget.

Google Voice for iPhone: Missing in Action

Apple recently shut down Google Voice apps for the iPhone. But there are still ways you can use Google's phone service on the go.

Virgin Mobile 3G Mobile Broadband, Zero Contract

Virgin Mobile's Broadband2Go service lets you connect to a cellular data network without a costly contract.

Three Ways to Reduce Your Communications Costs

Here's how to stay in touch this summer during an extended absence--without spending a lot of dough.

Pay-as-You-Go Internet

Spending a chunk of time away this summer? The first thing to figure out in creating a virtual office is how you'll get affordable, fast Internet access.

Google Chrome OS Could Be a Win for Road Warriors

Business travelers will have the most reason to take a closer look at Google Chrome OS. Here are few of the early pros and cons of the new operating system.

Three Reasons to Travel With a Kindle

You can carry hundreds of books around with Amazon's e-book reader. But here are three, more practical reasons for adding a Kindle to your carry-on.

At Last, a Netbook Worth Buying: Samsung's N120

Long battery life, great keyboard (for a netbook), and other features make the N120 a top netbook choice.

Laptops With Epic Battery Life Keep You Working

These laptops and netbooks lasted at least 6.5 hours in PC World battery-life tests, making them ideal for the business traveler.