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James A. Martin is an SEO and content marketing consultant. He writes frequently about mobile apps and technology.

Mobile Social Networking Tips

Need a good restaurant recommendation right now? Here are ways you can use Twitter, Facebook, and other social media on the go.

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Oprah Calling: Skype Video Chat on a Plane?

Is video chat coming soon to an airplane near you?

Navigating Return Policies for Netbooks and Mobile Gear

Here's how to shop more carefully and avoid having to return tech items--and paying restocking fees.

Netbooks, Kindles, GPS: Avoiding Instant Buyer's Remorse

It's easy to feel burned after you buy a new laptop, netbook, GPS, or other mobile device--here's why.

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Three iPhone Apps You Can't Live Without

Use these mobile apps for Apple's iPhone to create voice-to-text memos, find hot spots, and get a good night's sleep.

Netbook Battery Champs

Need a long-lasting portable? Here's a guide to netbooks that last over 6 hours on a charge.

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Hackintosh Netbook, Anyone?

A Mac OS netbook could be yours--if you're willing to gamble almost $500.

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Location-Based Mobile Service Helps You Remember

New ReQall Pro service works with Apple iPhones and RIM BlackBerrys to jog your memory where and when you need to be reminded--but it has limitations.

Reduce Your Mobile Phone Bill

You may be locked into a two-year contract, but that doesn't mean you can't squeeze out some savings.

Netbook or Ultraportable: Which Is Best for the Job?

The boundaries between the two portable computer types are blurring. Here’s how to decide if a laptop or a netbook is right for you.

Skype for iPhone: Free Calls on Your Mobile Phone

Free phone calls, free app, good-to-excellent call quality. What’s not to like here?

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Skype for iPhone

Make Skype calls and IMs from your iPhone with this freebie.

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Mac vs. Windows: $2000 Laptops Compared

What will $2000 get you in an Apple MacBook Pro, compared to a Windows notebook?

Mac vs. Windows: What Does $1K Get You?

What will $1000 buy you in a Mac laptop, compared to a Windows laptop?

Laptop Battery Power Tips

Learn how to keep your notebook going when you're away from a wall socket and there's no power port in sight.