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Sync Your Phone Wirelessly--for Free

Google Sync for Mobile lets you sync your smart phone's calendar and contacts with Google automatically, over the air.

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Long-Lived Laptops From Asus, Dell, HP, and Lenovo

Some laptops offer up to 24 hours of use on one charge--but you'll pay a premium for the convenience.

Share Peripherals Between Laptops and Desktops

KVM switches let you share peripherals between your laptop and desktop (or another computer).

Cost-Justifying the Kindle 2

Will Amazon's newest e-book reader save you money? Does it matter?

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Cheap Laptops Offer Solid Value

You can get a capable laptop for $500 or even less, if you don't mind making a few compromises.

Free Software for Mobile Professionals

E-mail, VoIP services, and conference calls don't have to cost money.

Jott Voicemail to E-Mail

Jott's latest offering, which transcribes voice messages into e-mail, has a few convenient features--and a few limitations.

Latest Netbooks Go Upscale

With such features as larger screens, built-in GPS, and designer cases, the latest netbooks are upwardly mobile.

Macs vs. Windows Laptops, Sky-Fi, and Video Chat

More lessons learned from 2008: Mac laptops aren't necessarily more expensive than Windows portables, airplanes are the new Internet cafes, and more.

EBay Caveats, Netbook Limits: Lessons From 2008

It can be tough to sell a laptop on EBay; the novelty quickly wears off on netbooks; and more a-ha moments from last year.

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File Syncing Services Keep Your Laptop Up-to-Date

Online services like SharpCast SugarSync keep your files synced on multiple computers.

Laptop Ergonomics for Mobile Professionals

Your laptop is a pain: Follow Jim Martin's advice and stop torturing yourself when you work on a portable.

Videoconferencing Tips: Travel Less in 2009

Use video messaging and online services to communicate in more meaningful ways in 2009--without traveling.

10 Cool Gifts: Gadgets, Accessories, and Oddities

A high-end GPS at a low price, a sleek Bluetooth headset, and more gift ideas under $300.

Cool Tech Gifts: Inexpensive Webcams for Video Chat

Give the gift of chat--video chat, specifically--with a low-cost, high-quality Webcam.

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