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Cool Tech Gifts: High-Def Pocket Camcorder

Pure Digital's Flip MinoHD, an affordable camcorder that shoots high-def video, is compact and customizable.

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The Mobile Office, Part 2: Brother PocketJet, Pico Projector

With a portable printer and other micro gadgets, you can take your office on the road--but don't expect full-sized quality.

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Locate restaurants with your iPhone with this software and its clever slot-machine interface.

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The Mobile Office, Part 1: Lenovo IdeaPad S10

Netbooks like the Lenovo IdeaPad S10 let you slip your office into a small bag--if you don't mind making some compromises.

Wi-Fi in the Sky

Surfing the Web while jetting coast to coast is the only way to fly.

Reducing the Cost of a Laptop, Part 2

Refurbished laptops can save you hundreds of dollars compared to nearly identical, new models.

Reducing the Cost of a Laptop, Part 1

Do you really need that $350 productivity suite? Jim Martin suggests some money-saving alternatives.

Low-Cost Laptops in the Spotlight

Five reasonably powerful portables from Acer, Dell, and HP are available for under $700.

Ailing Laptop: Repair or Replace?

Tips and advice for that scary time when both your laptop and its warranty have expired.

Jott Voice-to-Text Revisited

Big changes to the voice-to-text service provide more features for the mobile professional--for a price.

Mini-Notebook Mania, Part 2

The benefits and drawbacks to mini-notebooks, plus some buying tips.

Mini-Notebook Mania, Part 1

How do these new ultra-compact laptops differ from traditional models?

Living With an iPhone 3G, Part 2

Is the Apple iPhone 3G a sleek smart phone or a problem-prone headache?

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Living With an iPhone 3G, Part 1

The Apple iPhone 3G has earned lots of praise--and complaints. What's it like to live with one?

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Road Test: Checkpoint-Friendly Bags

Is a specially designed, checkpoint-friendly laptop bag worth the money?