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James A. Martin is an SEO and content marketing consultant. He writes frequently about mobile apps and technology.

Time-Management Tips for Mobile Professionals

The late Randy Pausch offered valuable lessons for managing our most precious commodity.

Checkpoint-Friendly Laptop Bags

New bags promise to make it easier and safer to get your computer through airport security.

PC World's Guide to Mobile Living

A special guide, in PDF format, with detailed reports on laptops, remote access, and wireless devices.

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iPhone Apps for Travelers

What does Apple's iTunes App Store have to offer travelers? Phrase books, transit guides--and one really cool restaurant recommender.

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Clever iPhone Tricks

Did you know you can dictate e-mail messages to your iPhone? That's just one of the tricks up our sleeves.

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Essential Gear for the Business Traveler, Part 2

A USB adapter kit and two well-designed bags help you lighten your carry-on load.

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Essential Gear for the Business Traveler, Part 1

Traveling lightly is a must these days, but Jim Martin found two gadgets worthy of a spot in the carry-on.

Many Gadgets, One Carry-On Bag

The practice of packing only one bag for air travel is gaining popularity--but has drawbacks, as Jim Martin found.

Mac vs. Windows Laptops

Do you still pay a premium for Apple's laptops? Not always, as I found when comparing Windows and Apple models.

Laptop Buying Tips, Part 3

Here's how to find the best places to buy a laptop, plus how much to pay and how to finance the purchase.

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