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James E. Gaskin writes books (16 so far), articles, and jokes about technology and real life from his home office in the Dallas area. Gaskin has been helping small and medium sized businesses use technology intelligently since 1986. Write him at:

Desktop PCs: Dead as a Doornail, or Maybe Just a Fax Machine

The corporate desktop has looked the same for decades: computer, keyboard, mouse, desk phone, maybe a printer.

Best NAS Boxes For Less Than $1,000

When your business needs serious storage, these network-attached storage devices can do the trick without breaking the budget.

Safe@Office 1000N Firewall Offers Easy Security Options

This firewall offers enterprise-level security granularity in a presentation that won't scare off non-experts.

SonicWall TZ 200 Firewall Is More Than a Router

For a small business or branch office, the SonicWall TZ 200 can be all the routing and security needed.

TRENDNet Dual WAN Router Is the Right Price

This is an excellent option for small businesses looking for an affordable dual-WAN connection router.

D-Link DFL-210 Network Firewall Fast, Though Complex

Stroke your rabbit foot for good luck before starting to install the D-Link DFL-210 network firewall.

Netbooks: Ready — or Not — for the Enterprise?

Five good reasons to deploy netbooks; and five reasons not to.

Wi-Fi Isn't the Best Way to Network...Right?

So many people commented and sent e-mail about last week's column on Wi-Fi I had to check and make sure I didn't accidentally insult Apple or claim Linux was...

Three Tips for More Effective E-mailing

E-mail leads the deluge of information for most workers. So let's deal with the deluge.

Three Ways to Reduce Your Paper Consumption

Analysis: Three ways to better create, send, receive and retrieve paper and the information thereon.

Netbook Vendors Overhype, So Consumers Underbuy

Analysis: Before you shell out for a smaller, cheaper — and less powerful — netbook, decide if you actually need a notebook instead.

Does VoIP Still Confuse You?

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a terrible acronym but a great technology.

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Transferring Files Without E-mail

E-mail and the Mazda Miata are both great examples of successful products, but they share a similar weakness: neither can carry much baggage.

Putting Wikis to Work

Wiki: Silly Name, Useful Technology

New Version of Office-in-a-Box

Think of this as a phone system with extra stuff, rather than a file and print server with added phones.