Small Business Protection Required for the Online World

Small businesses operating online require contractual and regulatory protection from potential collusion between traditional retailers and online magnates such as Google

Father of Internet, Vint Cerf, Calls Schmidt's Departure From Google 'Fortuitous'

Renowned 'Father of the Internet', Vint Cerf, has lauded Eric Schmidt's recent announcement to step down as Google's CEO as 'Fortuitous'


Misconceptions Plague the Green Machine

Green IT has been given no shortage of attention in past years, but mostly for the sake of saving money rather than the planet.

Nokia Declares Itself a 'Software Company'

Nokia says it is now a software company, not a phone manufacturer.


Google Street View Targeted by Australian Privacy Groups

Privacy advocates are teaming up to question security breaches by Google's mapping project.

Eyes on Australia as Govt. Pushes National Internet Filter

Governments and organisations around the world are intently watching Australia as the Federal Government continues to peddle the proposed ISP-level Internet filter.

Printers and Scanners of Tomorrow (and Beyond)

Four ultra-futuristic printers and scanners hint of the possibilities of future tech.