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ArduPilot Mega 2.0 Does Drone Autopilot on the Cheap

Need an autopilot for a vehicle? Check out the cheap ArduPilot Mega 2.0, which also happens to come with on-board GPS.

Laser-Cut Animatronics Robot Comes to Maker Faire, Needs Your Help

Roy the animatronics robot needs your help on Kickstarter. He's made using a laser cutter, and you can get one for yourself.

Electric Percussion Instrument Makes Sweet Grooves, Brings Geeks And Musicians Together

A new electric instrument called the Slaperoo moves heads at Maker Faire.

Light Trikes Let You Do Battle Tron-Style, Are Also Super Cool

This Tron video game, spotted at Maker Faire, brings the physical and virtual world together.

SpaceX Re-Schedules Space Station Launch: Here's How You Can Watch

The launch of the Falcon 9 rocket scheduled for this weekend is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser. Here's how you can follow along with this moment in space history.

SpaceX Tests Rocket to Prepare for First Commercial Docking With ISS

SpaceX runs through dress rehearsal for an upcoming launch, and tests nine on-board rocket engines on launch stand.

How to Make an Apple Pi Pie for Pi Day

Get your math on for pi day with an exciting and tasty treat--a pi-shaped apple pie. We show you how.

New iRobot Reacts to Environments, Still Lacks Emotions

A new bot from iRobot can now adapt and respond to changes to its surroundings.

Vuzix SMART Glasses Augment Reality, Let You Search the Web From Your Shades

A new stylish set of sunglasses may let you browse the Web or work with "mixed-reality" apps. We take a quick look at some of the latest developments in augmented reality tech.

Lytica Gives Product Designers a Hand With Electronic Component Cost Estimator

This component cost estimator by Lytica can help any size company save big.

Cubify 3D Printer Brings High-Precision Prototyping to You

A new, relatively affordable, high-precision 3D printer lets you get in touch with your creative side. Read on for lots of photos!

Not-So-Itsy-Bitsy Life-Phorm Spider Holds Your Tablets, Phones, and Cameras

A new gadget with spider-like legs can hold your gadgets in any position--anywhere. But it might not be ideal for arachnophobes.

Forget 3D TV: 'Aerial 3D' Projects Images in 3D Space

A new technology may bring a whole new meaning to 3D entertainment.

These iPhone Cases Are Made From Trash, Will Become Another Man's Treasure

Miniwiz's eco-friendly iPhone cases and wine bottle holders are made entirely from recycled plastics.

Monster Power Gadget Lets You Control Your Appliances From Almost Anywhere

A new gadget lets you turn your electronic devices on and off from anywhere that you have Internet access.