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Brain-Computer Interface Can Help You Get In The Game

A simple visor can help you take home the gold

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Geekmas Greetings From the GeekTech Crew!

Happy Geekmas to all, and to all a good night!

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Queueing Theory Can Make Shopping Lines More Efficient

Sick of waiting on long holiday lines? Queueing Theory could help speed up checkout.

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Mind-Controlled Exoskeleton Research Leaps Forward; Let the Cyborg Era Begin

Scientists are hard at work at improving mind-controlled devices--cyborg exoskeletons, anyone?

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The 12 Days of Geekmas

What do you get when you mix a traditional Christmas carol with geekdom? This incredible holiday gift wish.

Geek Get-Together: Nerd Nite San Francisco

In the Bay Area? Meet up with other nerds and make some new friends at an upcoming Nerd Nite event in San Francisco.

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Star Trek-Style Bedroom Doors: The Ultimate in Home Improvement

Whooshing Star Trek door brings the stars to you--and you can build one yourself with a little work and some parts from a home improvement store.

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Micromobs: Inside a Social Network Startup

We got a chance to speak with the founders of Micromobs, a social network startup, on what it takes to form an online business.

3D-Printed Cars May Be the Way of the Future

3D printing gets put to a new use with the Urbee, a 3D-printed car that gets 200 miles to the gallon.

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Blistering Fast Graphene Transistors May Replace Silicon

Silicon could be on the way out with graphene taking its place in semiconductors.

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Google Prepares to Launch Epic Broadband at Stanford

Google's quest to launch a super-fast broadband service hits another milestone.

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Spray-on T-Shirt Tech Looks Cool, Might Actually Be Useful

Researchers develop a spray-on fabric, but the potential uses go beyond mere fashion.

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Sweet Swivel-Screen Tablet Makes Rounds at IDF 2010

Dell shows off a unique swivel-screen netbook-tablet hybrid at this year's Intel Developer Forum.

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Artificial 'E-skin' May Soon Help Robots 'Feel'

A synthetic touch-sensitive "skin" developed by UC Berkeley researchers may soon help robots do the dishes.

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Spray-On Solar Cell Technology Powers The Future

EnSol creates a spray-on solar-cell film that can go on virtually any surface, turning just about anything into a power-generating surface.

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