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CPU Wars Is the Geekiest Card Game Ever

My CPU beats your CPU with this card game idea that's up for funding on Kickstarter.

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Researchers Print Scaffolds for New Bones...With a Friggin' Inkjet

If you need a bone, 3D-printed scaffold replacements may be around in the next 1-2 decades.

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Carrier IQ Rootkit Reportedly Logs Everything On Millions Of Phones [Updated]

UPDATED x2: Millions of phones may be at risk from a secret data logging software that's on nearly every Android, Blackberry, and Nokia phone out there, according to a researcher. References to it also reportedly found in iOS.

Portal Becomes A Reality--Sort of--With This Kickstarter Project

A new device allows you to jump from one world to another through a portal and interact with others on the other side of the planet.

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Lucky Supermarkets Of California Finds Tampered Card Readers

Customers aren't so lucky: A California supermarket chain found compromised card readers in twenty of their stores.

Robot Prison Guards Will Creepily Monitor Prisoners

They're not quite robot overlords, but new robot prison guards will soon help human guards monitor inmates in South Korea.

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Geek Up Your Holiday With Lego Ornaments

Build your own geeky Lego ornaments this holiday season with these easy-to-follow instruction guides.

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NASA Prepares for Mars Rover Launch: Here's How You Can Watch

Curiosity, NASA's most sophisticated Mars rover yet, is set to lift off this week. Here's how you can stay tuned and watch.

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Give Your Kid the Building Blocks of Life: Giant DNA Plush Dolls

Who says that learning and playing can't be the same thing? Biochemies DNA plush dolls encourage the pursuit of science while your kid thinks they're just playing with dolls.

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App Uses Your Webcam to Detect Your Heart and Breathing Rates

A new iOS app tries to monitor your heart rate and breathing rate using nothing but the iPad 2's camera.

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3D-Printed Spider Can Help First Responders Save Lives

A new giant "spider" can crawl and even jump its way into dangerous places to locate hazards. Also: It's super creepy.

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J-2X Rocket: What's Next in NASA Spaceflight

NASA recently tested a safer successor engine to the Saturn V J-2's; NASA also plans unmanned orbital testing of the Orion space capsule and manned deep space missions.

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Lighter, More Efficient Solar Cells Look Like Your Retina

A new nanomaterial improves the absorption rate of solar cells across the entire visible spectrum.

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Attackers Get Sneakier With Encrypted Malware

Malicious hackers in Brazil have for the first time created malware that uses encrypted blocks of code to sneak around antivirus programs.

New Tech Can Reduce Battery Charging Time to Mere Seconds

A discovery in the self-orienting properties of a titanium oxide nanostructure may allow for drastically faster charging electronic devices.

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