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App Uses Your Webcam to Detect Your Heart and Breathing Rates

A new iOS app tries to monitor your heart rate and breathing rate using nothing but the iPad 2's camera.

3D-Printed Spider Can Help First Responders Save Lives

A new giant "spider" can crawl and even jump its way into dangerous places to locate hazards. Also: It's super creepy.

J-2X Rocket: What's Next in NASA Spaceflight

NASA recently tested a safer successor engine to the Saturn V J-2's; NASA also plans unmanned orbital testing of the Orion space capsule and manned deep space missions.

Lighter, More Efficient Solar Cells Look Like Your Retina

A new nanomaterial improves the absorption rate of solar cells across the entire visible spectrum.

Attackers Get Sneakier With Encrypted Malware

Malicious hackers in Brazil have for the first time created malware that uses encrypted blocks of code to sneak around antivirus programs.

New Tech Can Reduce Battery Charging Time to Mere Seconds

A discovery in the self-orienting properties of a titanium oxide nanostructure may allow for drastically faster charging electronic devices.

World's Fastest Computer Gets an Upgrade, Breaks Its Own Record

The most powerful computer in the world recently got its power bolstered, completely smashing the processing power of the next seven fastest computers combined.

Mars500 Crew 'Lands' After 520-Day Simulated Mission To Mars

After a long physical and psychological test of the human body, a group a volunteers have stepped out of their "spaceship" for the first time in 17 months.

China Conducts First Orbital Docking; Manned Dockings In The Works

China entered the space race this week with one of the world's only automatic docking systems. Plans are in the works for a 60-ton space station, too.

Cylindrical Mirror Brings 3D To The iPad

A new interactive device is bringing 3D interaction to the iPad with anamorphic transformations, opening up a whole new digital realm.

iPhone App And Attachment Lets You Record 360-Degree Panoramic Images

A new device lets you record interactive panoramic images on your iPhone with no advanced editing needed.

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Morphing Hexapod Bot Redefines Creepy

A new hexapod, MorpHex, can transform by expanding and contracting the size of its body.

Mars 500 Crew Breaks Isolation Record, But Lonely Astronauts Don't Leave Earth

The European Space Agency isolation experiment is coming to a close with only 81 days left out of 520, while breaking longest record for space mission isolation.

Bugs and Fixes: Apple Patches Safari and iOS Holes, Skype Blocks XSS Hole

What's new in the land of secuirty fixes? Read on to get caught up on the latest patches.

Researchers Genetically Engineer Glowing Dog; Creep Bloggers Out

Researchers have created the World's first glow-in-the-dark dog, and special dog food turns it on and off like a lamp (No, we're not joking).