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Space Shuttle Atlantis Lands--Here's How to Track It

The Space Shuttle Atlantis is on descent and the Space Program will close its doors after more than 40 years since its conception. Here's how you can track its final approach and landing.

Atlantis Space Shuttle Countdown Draws To A Close; Weather Threatens Launch Zone

Space Shuttle Atlantis is in final preparation for liftoff--fueling is underway as of this writing--but weather may halt the launch.

Bugs and Fixes: Microsoft Patches 34 Vulnerabilities

Plus: Adobe releases fixes to prevent identity theft.

Researchers Look at New Ways to Keep Your Information Safe

An eyeball reader on your smartphone? Advances in biometrics--and other authentication technologies--could help keep your personal information safer.

NASA Prepares for Final Shuttle Launch as STS-135 Draws Near

NASA's final Space Shuttle launch is just around the corner, and the STS-135 astronauts are getting ready to make history. Plus: Find out how to follow the final Space Shuttle launch.

Hack Turns Your Lawn Chair Into a Hovercraft

Build your own hovercraft cheaply and easily in as little as 1, 2, 3 (or so).

MakerBot 3D Prints Stephen Colbert's Head: Stephen Has Wings and Tentacles--Who Knew?

Bre Pettis from MakerBot prints Stephen Colbert's head in plastic--even giving him wings! Plus: Some more fun stuff from the Thingverse community.

Remote Controlled Dog Goes Where You Tell It To; Does Your Bidding

Control your dog and tell it where to go; no training necessary!

Kinect Hack Makes Laser Dance Show, Turns Your Living Room Into a Nightclub

You don't have to go to the club anymore--this Kinect hack brings the techno light show to your living room.

DIY Inkjet Printer Prints On Almost Any Surface

Students from the University of Washington made their inkjet printer--and now you can, too!

Martin Jetpack Flies to 5000 Feet; Tests Ballistic Parachute Safety System

You may soon be flying around in your own jetpack; the Martin Jetpack is in the final stages of testing and almost ready to be shipped after almost 30 years of R&D.

Endeavour on Final Descent; Atlantis Prepares for Its Final Flight

Update: NASA's Endeavour wraps up its final mission in space; only one Space Shuttle mission remains before the program ends.

A Glimpse at the Past: The Military's First Quadruped

Any geek knows about the AT-AT Walker, but the military and GE had a working one before Star Wars was even made.

NASA Plans to Send Astronauts to Deep Space

The Shuttle is retiring, but NASA is bringing back the Apollo-, Mercury-, and Gemini-style capsules for manned deep-space travel.

Make An Arduino Board Oscilloscope

Got an Arduino board laying around? Make your own oscilloscope in only four steps. It might be the geekiest DIY project ever.