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Homebrew Computer Plays Homebrew Asteroids!

A completely home built computer plays an also completely home-written Asteroids game.

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The Shuttle Program Is Winding Down--What Next?

The Space Shuttle is about to retire, but it's not the end of manned spaceflight in the US. Read on to learn what comes next.

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Furby Skinned And Modded, Is Even Weirder Than Before

A hacker skins, solders, and modifies a Furby--and renders it even creepier than it would be otherwise.

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NASA May Launch Boat to Saturn's Largest Moon

NASA TiME spacecraft may soon be sailing the seas of Titan, Saturn's largest moon.

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NASA Replaces Auxiliary Power Unit; Shuttle To Launch On May 16

NASA replaces a malfunctioning box on the space shuttle, and says they're in good shape now.

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Scientists Plan To Create Dolphin Translator, Hope Dolphins Like the Fish

Dolphinese may soon become the next study for linguistics experts and divers.

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Scientists Create Computer With Schizophrenia

Researchers have given a computer virtual schizophrenia as part of an effort to better understand neural patterns in humans..

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Take a Trip Around the Moon for Only 150 Million Dollars

For one small fee of $150 million you get your own trip around the moon in a Russian spacecraft.

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Nose Stylus Lets You Text in the Bathtub

Need to text in the bath without getting your phone wet? The nose stylus will save the day! (Yes, we're just as confused as you are...)

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Mind-Controlled Angry Birds Hack Is Mind-Blowing

Want to +1 your friends? Check out this hack, and fling the birds using nothing but brain-power. Video after the jump!

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Sn0wbreeze Releases Untethered Verizon iPhone Jailbreak for Windows

Hacker iH8sn0w brings you an unteathered jailbreak that you won't want to miss; it works for Verizon iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Apple TV.

Cybercriminals Exploit PDF Picture Filter to Embed Malware

Security software company Avast! catches cybercriminals using Adobe's own specifications to slip past antivirus scanners.

Genetically Modified Virus Improves Solar Cell Efficiency With Carbon Nanotubes

Using a virus, MIT researchers were able to self-assemble carbon nanotubes to improve the electron collection of solar cells.

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Be Very Afraid: Laser Cat Is Here

One hacker built a Laser Cat--it's evil, it's robotic, and it has lasers!

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New Password Method Encrypts Like No Other

A new password encryption method can encrypt your files so that no automated system can hack it.