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Who Needs Musicians? 'Vibratron' Robot Makes Orchestra Music

A new robot is paving the way in robotic orchestra music--and replaces musicians in the process

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How To Make An E-Easter Egg Flash Drive

Happy Easter from GeekTech! Here's how to geek out your Easter celebrations with this E-Easter flash drive!

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Geek 101: How to Fix Minor Chips and Repaint Your Laptop

Does your laptop look like you dropped it on the pavement? Fix it up with these simple steps.

Tablets Poised To Replace Waiters' Primary Functions

E-tech is on the rise in restaurants, and one company wants you to order, play games, and make your payments on tablets.

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Robot Throws First Pitch At Phillies Game

Robots are taking our jobs! A new robot throws the first pitch at a Phillies game; read on for the video!

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Microsoft Announces Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Procedures And First Two Vulnerability Advisories

Microsoft releases the first two Vulnerability Research Advisories for third-party products and services

Bugs and Fixes: A False Virus Definition, Apple's Updated Trust Policy

This month Microsoft released a massive Tuesday patch and Avast! inconvenienced anyone using a webpage running a specific type of script.

Get A New Coat Of Skin At The Skin Factory

A new type of factory may completely overhaul the way the medical industry works; no more shortcomings of flesh transplants for needy people.

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Quantum Teleportation Is a Reality

For the first time ever, scientists teleport a complex set of quantum information from one point to another.

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Control a Mouse Cursor With a Brain Implant

For the first time ever scientists implant sensors on the surface of the brain allowing them to control cursors with their electrocorticographic speech network

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Organ Regrowth: Get a New Pair of Eyes

Scientists have created a new method to grow complex organs like eyes.

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New Tech Turns Plastic Back Into Crude: A Hope For Electronic Plastics Disposal?

A new processing technique can turn hydrocarbon-based plastics back into crude oil for reprocessing or distillation.

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Home-Built Cellphone Cooler Reduces Degradation of Battery Life

This homemade gadget keeps cell phone batteries cool, extending their lifespan in the process.

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OCDChef Cutting Board Is Great for Perfectionists, Math Nerds

A new cutting board lets you be precise when preparing your veggies.

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Top Hacks of March 2011

March Monthly Roundup--chess joins the robotic ranks, Lego "LikeLight" that lights up when something is liked, homemade NES console, and more.

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