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Oracle Considered Buying RIM and Palm, Ellison Says

Oracle considered buying Palm and BlackBerry maker Research In Motion as part of an aborted effort to build its own smartphone, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison said in...

Google Says It Had Sun's Full Support in Building Android

Google built Android using parts of Java that didn't require a license and it had the full support of Sun Microsystems in doing so, a lawyer for Google said in...

Oracle Says Google Knowingly 'Broke the Rules' With Java

Oracle and Google kicked off a high-stakes jury trial in San Francisco on Monday, with Oracle arguing that Google ran roughshod over its intellectual property...

Oracle-Google Trial Starts Monday; Outcome Could Affect All Developers

Oracle and Google are due in court Monday for the start of an eight-week jury trial that could have significant implications for developers of Android...

A Timeline of Oracle's Java Lawsuit Against Google

Oracle and Google are headed to court Monday so that a jury can decide whether Google misappropriated Oracle's Java technology to build its Android software...

Facebook Fires Back at Yahoo, Says It Infringed 10 Patents

Facebook has denied Yahoo's claims of patent infringement and shot back with counterclaims that Yahoo infringed 10 Facebook patents.

Google to Sell Android Tablets Online, Report Says

Google will open an online store where it will market and sell tablets directly to consumers, with some of the devices potentially being co-branded with Google's name.

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AOL Unplugs 10,000 Servers, Saves $5 Million

AOL decommissioned almost 10,000 servers and saved itself US$5 million along the way.

Google, Oracle to Hold Last-minute Settlement Talks

Oracle and Google will hold another round of settlement talks as the trial date nears in their high-stakes court battle over Google's alleged misuse of Java in Android.

Meg Whitman Fluffs HP's Age, Gets Corrected by Shareholder

Meg Whitman has spent her first six months at Hewlett-Packard talking to customers and employees and learning how the business works, but apparently she didn't...

With Printer Sales Slowing, HP Favors PCs

The writing may finally be on the wall for Hewlett-Packard's storied print division.

HP to Combine Its PC and Printer Divisions, Report Says

HP says it will combine its PC and printer divisions into a single business unit.

IT Faces Up to Mobile Device Test

The consumerization of IT offers workers many opportunities -- and creates huge challenges for IT.

As Consumer Tech Sweeps Enterprise, IT Staff Fight for Control

The spread of consumer technologies at work has put many IT departments on the back foot, but a conference in San Francisco this week is looking at ways IT...

AMD Buys SeaMicro, Enters Server Hardware Business

Advanced Micro Devices announced Wednesday it is buying low-power server vendor SeaMicro, a surprise move that puts AMD in the systems business and disrupts Intel by acquiring one of its close partners.