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Microsoft-Novell Antitrust Case Ends in Hung Jury

The jury was unable to agree on whether Microsoft acted to deliberately impede Novell's WordPerfect software.

Android App Allows Remote Search of Macs and PCs

Wyse Technology has launched an Android app that lets people search remotely for files on their PCs and laptops, then download them, copy them, or send them to...

Google Offers Currents, a Flipboard-like App

Google has released a free mobile app that pulls content from different websites into one place and lets people build what looks a bit like their own...

'Important' Oracle Patent Rejected in Google Android Case

Oracle has suffered a setback in its lawsuit accusing Google of patent infringement and copyright violation in its Android operating system: The U.S. Patent and...

HP to Put Xeon Chips in High-end Integrity Servers

Hewlett-Packard has updated the road map for its high-end Integrity servers to include systems that can accommodate both Xeon- and Itanium-based servers side by...

S3 Graphics Loses a Patent Fight With Apple

The U.S. International Trade Commission has determined that Apple did not infringe technology patents owned by S3 Graphics and ended its investigation of the...

Top500 List Passes Another Milestone: 10 Petaflops

Japan's K Computer has retained its pole position on the Top500 list of fastest supercomputers and become the first machine on the list to achieve performance of...

RightScale Cozies up to OpenStack, SoftLayer

RightScale is adding OpenStack and SoftLayer to the list of cloud services that can be managed from its RightScale Cloud Management Platform.

Adobe to Reduce Enterprise Software Investment

Adobe will cut 750 jobs and reduce its investment in enterprise software as part of a broader plan to target the fast-growing markets for digital media and...

Adidas.com Shut Down After 'criminal Attack'

Adidas has been forced to take some of its main websites offline after a "sophisticated, criminal cyber-attack" that took place last week, the company said.

Google's 'green Energy Czar' to Leave the Company This Week

Bill Weihl, Google's "green energy czar," is leaving the company this week after steering its clean energy efforts for almost six years.

HP's First ARM Server for Testing Only

Hewlett-Packard is developing servers based on a low-power microprocessor design from ARM Holdings, and claims it can slash power and space requirements by as...

How Google Was Tripped up by a Bad Search

Defending itself against Oracle's patent and copyright lawsuit, Google let slip a piece of evidence that should have remained private -- thwarted by its own technology.

ARM CTO Predicts Chips the Size of Blood Cells

In less than a decade, that smartphone you're holding could have 32 times the memory, 20 times the bandwidth and a microprocessor core no bigger than a red blood cell.

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ARM Goes 64-bit With Its New ARMv8 Chip Architecture

ARM has introduced its first 64-bit microprocessor architecture, ARMv8, which should enable wider use of ARM chips in servers and other enterprise equipment and...