Facebook IPO: Cynics and Comics React

Everyone's either a critic or a comedian when it comes to Friday's Facebook stock offering. Here's a round-up of some of the best comments and quips.

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Top EULA Gotchas: Website Fine-Print Hall of Shame

Fine-print gotchas could get you arrested, watched by the Feds, and even strip you of the right to sue.

Pantech Crossover on AT&T Targets Android Newbies

Will first-time smartphone buyers sacrifice high-end specs for a small, rugged design and physical keyboard? AT&T and Pantech hope so.

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Facebook Questions: Thumb Up or Down?

Facebook Questions taps the social networks ginormous users base for answers to your questions. Do you give it a "Like" thumb up or a thumb down?

PlayStation Plus and Hulu Plus: We Need Real Answers

Sony says reports that the premium PlayStation Plus service will be required to watch Hulu Plus on the PS3 are just speculation. What's the truth, then?

YouTube as a Gaming Platform? It's Possible

Video site is a great promotional tool for video games (among other things), but a couple of creative examples show its potential as a gaming platform.

OnLive’s Gaming Service is Live! Streams High-End Games to Low-End PCs

OnLive’s cloud gaming service can stream modern PC games to just about anything -- but just Mac or PC for now.

Nintendo 3DS Impressions: Cool With Caveat

Nintendo’s 3DS was the star of E3 2010.

Microsoft's E3 Surprises: ESPN, New Xbox 360, and a Shameless Bribe?

Microsoft livens up its press conference by giving everyone in attendance a brand-new, redesigned Xbox 360 for free.